Agrinaut Award

The Agrinaut Award is presented to an agricultural aircraft operator or operating organization that has made an outstanding contribution in the field of ag aircraft operations. The recipient for the award must have been actively engaged in commercial agricultural application with an agricultural aircraft and the achievement cited shall have contributed to the "state-of-the-art" for the benefit of the agricultural aircraft industry as a whole.


Originated in 1967 by Agrinautics of Las Vegas, Nev., and by NAAA under procedures established for noting new operating techniques, new and novel equipment, new successful crop applications or other contributions.

Previous Recipients

2016 Jeff Reabe, Reabe Aircraft Improvement 1991 G.O. "Chris" Christopher
2015 None 1990 Leland Shelton
2014 Rod Thomas 1989 Gerald S. Beck
2013 Pratt & Whitney Canada 1988 Tom Mills
2012 Leonard Felix Jr. 1987 Mid-Continent Aircraft
2011 None 1986 Roy W. Wood Sr.
2010 Terry Sharp 1985 Leland Snow
2009 Bill Hubler 1984 Mississippi AAA
2008 Joe D. Vaughn 1983 Milton Robertson
2007 Scott Schertz 1982 George "Red" Willett
2006 Jack Frost 1981 James L. Maxwell
2005 Rick Reed 1980 William Hatfield
2004 Zoren O'Brien 1979 Robert S. Leverton
2003 None 1978 W.P. "Bill" Cardiff
2002 Pat Kornegay 1977 George Mitchell Jr.
2001 Thomas R. Summersill 1976 James Vedder
2000 Robert Carroll Potter 1975 Joe Sellers
1999 Dennis Gardisser 1974 Clint G. Frye
1998 Maynard Lund 1973 A.T. Morgan
1997 None 1972 Lloyd Nolan
1996 George & Grant Lane 1971 V. Ray Thornton
1995 John O'Connell 1970 John Neace
1994 John Goodwin 1969 Robert Phillips
1993 George P. Wilson 1968 Bill Marsh
1992 Charles Stone Jr. 1967 Richard Reade