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Operators Looking for Pilots

Wanted: Mature journeyman helicopter spray pilot. Work for Wilbur-Ellis Co. in California's Salinas Valley. Must have a clean history and piston time, Bell-47 preferred. Long-term permanent position, with excellent benefits. Contact Mark Plaskett at (831) 594-2430. Send résumés to:

Pilots Looking for Jobs

L. Ray Ward
750 Shaffer Corner Road
Varnville, SC 29944
(843) 263-5816
Looking for a pilot position for 2015, references available.
Twenty thousand hours plus with no accidents. Seven thousand hours ag: 2000 Stearman, 4000 Thrush, 600 Cessna 188, 300 Pawnee, 400 Air Tractor 402. SC, NC, and GA license. Age 67, insured last year. Stable with family. 

Yohei Shiratori
1000 Pine Avenue #122
Redlands, CA 92373
(562) 412-2179 (m)
I'm a brand new ag pilot who just finished certified training last autumn and am looking for a pilot seat initially beginning with a loader position. I have 1600 hours TT, 125 hours tail wheel, 25 hours ag with PA25 Pawnee. I worked as a CFI in CA for 5 years. 34 years old, married with no kids. No accidents. I'm open to moving anywhere in the U.S. Please feel free to contact me for more information.