Ag Aviation Careers

Being an ag pilot is one of the most exciting jobs in aviation. It requires tremendous skill and precision. If you are good at and enjoy aviation video games, or enjoy the outdoors and rural living, you may be a perfect addition to the agricultural aviation industry.

Landing a Seat

This story originally appeared in the November 2011 online issue of Texas Co-op Power (TCP) magazine and was reprinted in Agricultural Aviation with the permission of TCP.

Wall Street Journal Examines Booming Aerial Application Business

For a small industry, aerial applicators landed some mighty big press. On Aug. 14, 2009, a front-page article in The Wall Street Journal examined the need for aerial application under the headline, “Flying Low is Flying High as Demand for Crop-Dusters Soars.” The article conveyed not only the need for new ag pilots but the skill it takes to become one.

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