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Details of EPA's NPDES Pesticide General Permit

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published its final Pesticide NPDES General Permit (PGP) on Oct. 31, 2011. NAAA has developed a comprehensive overview of the permit detailing the impacts of the permit on aerial applicators. The Association has also developed a number of documents to aid aerial applicators in complying with the permits.

Agricultural Aviation Career Poster 17x11 Printer File

Agricultural Aviation Career Poster—High-Resolution 17 x 11 Printer File: Supply this PDF to a printer if you would like to make high-quality reprints of NAAA's Agricultural Aviation Career Poster. The PDF is sized at 17" x 11". Please note the PDF is too large to email, but you can save it to a thumb drive and may be able to upload the file to the printer's website.

March/April 2014 Agricultural Aviation

March/April 2014 issue of Agricultural Aviation magazine (64 pages)

NAAA/BASF Agricultural Aviation Scholarship Application

2014 NAAA-BASF Agricultural Aviation Scholarship Application (from MD)

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OpSpecs Not Required for Part 137 Operators

Word Still Not to All FAA FSDOs

NAAA is still receiving questions from operators throughout the country about FAA Operations Specifications (OpSpecs). As NAAA has stated in newsletters, magazine articles, the PAASS program and convention sessions, FAA Headquarters has told us there are no OpSpecs for Part 137 operators. An article in Agricultural Aviation magazine explored this subject in depth.

NAAA's Free* Wind Tower Safety Stuffers

NAAA's Wind Tower Outreach Campaign Offers Tools to Inform Stakeholders of  the Risks to Ag Pilots and Farmers 

The prospect of converting high winds into big dollars is an enticing proposition for landowners, but one that can have far-reaching consequences for farmers and aerial applicators without careful planning. To ensure that farmers are fully informed before making decisions about wind energy development, NAAA encourages members to participate in our Wind Tower Education Campaign.

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