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NAAA's Free* Wind Tower Safety Stuffers

NAAA's Wind Tower Outreach Campaign Offers Tools to Inform Stakeholders of  the Risks to Ag Pilots and Farmers 

The prospect of converting high winds into big dollars is an enticing proposition for landowners, but one that can have far-reaching consequences for farmers and aerial applicators without careful planning. To ensure that farmers are fully informed before making decisions about wind energy development, NAAA encourages members to participate in our Wind Tower Education Campaign.

Tax Credits and Refunds For Ag Aviation Fuels and Facility Security

One of NAAA’s greatest services to the industry has been providing tax relief to aerial application businesses in the form of tax credits and refunds on aviation fuels used for farming purposes and for security improvements made at facilities storing ag chemicals. Be sure you know the rules and forms necessary to take advantage of these potential savings.

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