NAAA, NAAREF and Syngenta Collaborate on Stewardship Brochure

NAAA and NAAREF have partnered with Syngenta on an Aerial Applicator Edition of the “50 Ways to Treat Your Pesticide” brochure. The brochure covers basic pesticide stewardship principles important to aerial applicators and is not specific to any geography, target site or product.

NAAREF/PAASS Contributors

NAAREF Program Sponsors 2013-2014

 (Updated 1/31/14)

NAAREF Organizational Structure

The NAAREF Board of Directors sponsors education and training programs, research projects and symposiums to meet today’s agricultural aviation professional’s continuing educational needs. PAASS, established in 1996, is designed to improve understanding of the ‘human factors’ role in critical Agricultural Aviation Decision-Making skills.

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