1st Place: 2011 WNAAA Scholarship Essay Contest

How to Promote Agricultural Aviation Positively

What child isn’t amazed by an aerial applicator flying over a nearby field? A child exclaims with excitement, “Look! Look! An airplane! He is going up and down! What is he doing?” Kids are in awe of what appears to be the acrobatic flying of aerial applicators. If kids understood how much impact aerial applicators had on their day to day life, they would be even more in awe of the job of an aerial applicator. How do we ensure that children know the impact and importance of aerial applicators?

2nd Place: 2011 WNAAA Scholarship Essay Contest

How to Promote Agricultural Aviation Positively  

For years the agricultural aviation industry has faced the critique and skepticism of those who have failed to look into the heart of aviation and fully grasp the importance of these pilots to everyday demands in the economy. Without the time-efficient and accurate work of these aerial wonders, the prices of produce would greatly increase and the quality of the foods we enjoy every day would deplete; yet the question still remains: how do we make known the value of this industry to those outside of the immediate circle of farmers and pilots?

Honorable Mention: 2011 WNAAA Scholarship Essay Contest

How to Promote Agricultural Aviation Positively 

A quick Google News search of “aerial application” will lend itself to nearly 10 pages of stories about pilots involved in crashes, accidental sprays and near death experiences. As someone who grew up around aerial application in rural Arkansas, these generic stereotypes do not begin to reveal the positive effects agricultural aviation has on our society.

While industry-insiders and those who grew up around aerial application know the positive implications of agricultural aviation, the majority of people in this country probably have negative ideas about what it is aerial applicators offer them. An anonymous citizen taking a bite of rice with his or her “authentic” Southern gumbo probably does not realize the number of people it took to get that bite onto the fork. Education is key in this industry in order to reintroduce to the masses what it is that aerial applicators do each day and how every person benefits from the work of the industry.


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