2010 Convention Pricing

Pre-Registration must be received in the NAAA office by Wednesday, December 1, 2010.

Registration at the convention site will cost $50 more per person!

Member Registration: You must be the designated member of an Operator, Allied Industry Company, State Association, or have a Pilot, Affiliated Operator, Affiliated Allied, Associate, International or WNAAA Membership in your name, or be the spouse of an NAAA member to qualify for member rates. Working for a member company does not qualify.

Note: Attendance to the Welcome Reception, Auction Reception and Farewell Reception is included in all registrations. Purchase Kickoff Breakfast or Farewell/Awards Banquet tickets only if you purchased a “without banquets” package. Purchase extra Welcome Reception and Farewell Reception tickets only for guests with no registration package.

Registration Fee
Member with Banquets - $ 320.00
Member without Banquets - $ 220.00
Non-Member with Banquets - $ 440.00
Non-Member without Banquets - $ 340.00

Spouse Registration Fee
Member Spouse with Banquets - $ 265.00
Member Spouse without Banquets - $ 165.00
Non-Member Spouse with Banquets - $ 380.00
Non-Member Spouse without Banquets - $ 280.00

Child - $ 170.00 (includes banquets)

Child without Banquets - no charge!

Kickoff Breakfast - $ 40.00 (Monday, 12/6 Kickoff Breakfast only if you purchased a "without banquets" package)

Welcome Reception - $ 40.00 (Monday, 12/6 Welcome Reception only for guests with no registration package)

Farewell Reception - $ 30.00 (Thursday, 12/9 Farewell Reception only for guests with no registration package)

Farewell/Awards Banquet - $ 75.00 (Thursday, 12/9 Farewell/Awards Banquet only if you purchased a "without banquets" package)

REGISTER ONLINE NOW! You will be required to login to the website or create an NAAA user account to register online.