NAAA Launches New Wind Tower Education Campaign

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Contact: Jay Calleja
Phone: (202) 546-5722

Press Release: NAAA Launches New Wind Tower Education Campaign

Grassroots effort supported by ad slicks, radio scripts and Web site content

WASHINGTON, D.C. – MAY 21, 2010 – NAAA has launched a new grassroots campaign to raise awareness about the issues surrounding wind turbines and meteorological towers proliferating across America’s farmland. The campaign focuses on the hazards that unmarked wind towers pose for low-level aviators and the effect of wind energy development on farming and ag aviation.

NAAA spent two months working to create an arsenal of advertising and P.R. material to help its members communicate their concerns about wind energy development to a variety of stakeholders. On May 12, NAAA launched, a section of the NAAA Web site devoted to raising awareness with stakeholders while promoting the safe development of wind energy operations. The grassroots part of the campaign revolves around a series of ad slicks and radio scripts NAAA created for members to use in their markets. The radio scripts and all six ads are available at under “Public Outreach Tools.”

The ad slicks are one of the cornerstones of the Association’s wind tower education campaign. Target audiences include:

  • Farmers and owners of farmland
  • Local, county and state policymakers
  • Electric power generation companies and rural electric coops
  • General public

The ad series takes a two-pronged approach. Some ads focus on the dangers of unmarked testing towers to pilots of low-flying aircraft; others address the safety and accessibility concerns associated with wind turbines. Collectively, they illustrate how poor tower marking and improper wind turbine siting put pilots’ lives and farmers’ livelihood at risk.

Each ad closes with the tagline “Let’s Be Fair About Sharing The Air” and an invitation to learn more about the impact of wind towers on aviation and agriculture at Anyone interested in learning more about the industry’s “towering” problem will find a wealth of information when they visit NAAA’s Web site.

The ad slicks are available for member use in color and black and white—in a variety of sizes suitable for any budget. Space is available to imprint an ag operation’s name or logo with or without NAAA’s name next to it. The ads are ideal for placement in local newspapers and trade publications. Radio is another possibility. Members can use NAAA’s “ready to read” scripts to record radio spots that educate their neighbors and customers about the safety issues surrounding unmarked towers and the effect that wind energy development can have on farming and ag aviation.

Planting the Seeds

The Minnesota Agricultural Aircraft Association’s executive director, Terry Stieren, planted the seeds for this effort when she suggested a print and radio campaign about the safety and accessibility concerns wind towers pose for ag pilots to NAAA. NAAA’s Communications Committee discussed the idea, along with other public relations issues, at the Association’s board meeting in February. The committee expressed a desire to take a more proactive approach to communicating to the public on matters of vital interest to the industry.

NAAA would like to extend special thanks to NAAA Operator Richard King and his son Kyle, of Double K Spraying Service in Binger, Okla., for making the aerial photography in this ad series possible. Kyle transported a professional photographer in one plane while Richard made several passes through a wind energy complex in Oklahoma. Thanks to Richard’s skillful flying, the photographer was able to capture several hair-raising images that vividly convey the hazards wind turbines and unmarked towers pose for pilots. The Kings devoted almost a full day to the photo shoot, donating their time and the expense of operating their aircraft to the cause. The Association also would like to thank NAAA President Brian Rau, Communications Chair Gaylon Stamps and Terry Stieren for their help in shaping the messages used in the ads.

To preview the ads or download the entire series of high-resolution PDFs and radio scripts, please visit Anyone who needs further assistance in using these ads may contact Jay Calleja at NAAA at (202) 546-5722.

NAAA represents 1,600 members in 46 states. NAAA member operator/pilots are licensed as commercial applicator-operators that use aircraft to enhance food, fiber and bio-fuel production, protect forestry and control health-threatening pests.