NAAA Media Relations Kit

It can be a challenge to get our positive message of protecting agriculture, forestry and public health to the public and the media, but the importance of it is clear. The media reaches the masses and the masses influence public policy and opinion. NAAA works to communicate to the media by pitching positive industry stories, sending press releases and responding to press inquiries and through a variety of other means. However, your voice as an aerial applicator matters to broaden our reach and is duly needed to communicate the good word about the industry.

NAAA’s Media Relations Kit is designed to provide guidance and materials for your use as an aerial applicator when communicating to the public, students, media and/or local, state or national officials about the industry’s value to food, fiber, forestry and biofuel production. If you are an NAAA member or thinking about becoming a member, consider the opportunities you have to share the industry’s story. Whether it is an audience of one or many, your words and actions can make a difference. That’s why it is important to be prepared. The NAAA Media Relations Kit can help.

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