Remain Vigilant on Security Issues

NAAA and its membership have aggressively promoted enhanced security procedures. Security measures by operators have always been proactive, rapid and widespread.

Continue to follow these security measures:

  • Storing aircraft and crop protection products in locked hangars with electronic security systems when not in use.
  • Parking and disabling loader trucks, forklifts, or other equipment to block aircraft.
  • In cases where the aircraft must be left outdoors, using propeller locks, propeller chains or tie-downs on aircraft.
  • Removing batteries from planes and disabling engines from unused aircraft. (Remember to re-install items correctly before flying your aircraft)
  • Operators have installed hidden security switches to prevent unauthorized startup of the aircraft.
  • Establish contact with federal and local law enforcement agencies to coordinate responses to security breaches at ag aviation facilities. Encourage operators to list the appropriate law enforcement agency telephone numbers in a prominent place within their operations. Also outdoor security lighting around hangars and operations is encouraged.

Urgent Threats? Dial 911 or call the Sheriff.
For "unusual" and suspicious activity:
Call TSA at 866-GA-SECUR [866-427-3287]