See You at the 2014 Aircraft Show!

NAAA Annual Convention & Exposition

December 8–11, 2014 ♦ Louisville, Ky.

2014 Convention Aircraft: If you're interested in exhibiting an aircraft at the 2014 NAAA Convention in Louisville, Ky. please contact Lindsay Barber at (202) 546-5722. Please note that all aircraft will have to be transported to the Kentucky International Convention Center via truck with wings dismantled. Wings will have to be assembled on the Trade Show floor.

Below are aircraft that appeared at the 2013 NAAA Trade Show. 

  • Ag Cat 
  • Air Tractor Inc. (including Dusty Crophopper)
  • Isolair Helicopter
  • Aerial Crop Care American Champion
  • Scott's – Bell 47
  • Thrush Aircraft Inc.
  • Turbine Conversions (Turbo Cat Bi Wing)


AT-502B                                                    AT-602

AT-502 ag plane from Air Tractor Inc.The 500-gallon AT-502B is Air Tractor’s most popular aircraft. More than 600 have been manufactured since 1987.

AT-602 ag plane from Air Tractor Inc.The AT-602 is designed for operators needing more than 500 gallons, but less than the 800-gallon AT-802.



Thrush 510G                                           Thrush 510P

Thrush 510G Aircraft flying over a fieldThe new Thrush 510G earned its FAA Type Certification on Oct. 9 and features the new GE H80 turboprop engine, the first of its kind to power an agricultural aviation aircraft.Thrush Aircraft 510PThe 510P is powered by the PT6A-34AG and has a 510-gallon hopper.





Bell 47 Helicopter

Scott's - Bell 47 helicopterScott's-Bell 47 is exhibiting two helicopters this year.


Turbo Cat