TSA Releases Security Guidelines for General Aviation Airports

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) released their recommendations for security at general aviation (GA) airports. This document was the result of a year-long joint effort by the TSA and members of the GA Working Group made up of industry associations, airport operators, and state and federal government representatives. This document recommends guidelines or “best practices” to establish non-regulatory standards for general aviation airport security.

The NAAA appreciates the TSA’s recognition that “one size does not fit all” in recommending security measures to be developed at various size airports with a host of different activities. We suggest that aerial operators include these measures when developing a site security plan.

This document recommends, not mandates, various security measures depending on the complexity of the airport. It is possible to use a point system as explained in Appendix A – Airport Characteristics Measurement Tool to easily evaluate the risk factors that apply to your own airport. Then using this point value, Appendix B – Suggested Airport Security Enhancements lists some suggestions for use at your airport. We recommend that you use as many of these common sense ideas as are practical. Getting prepared for any emergency is good business and excellent public relations.

The document titled Security Guidelines for General Aviation Airports, Information Publication A-001, Version 1 can be found on the TSA Website.