The Women of the National Agricultural Aviation Association (WNAAA) is a companion organization to NAAA. Members are women involved in aerial application—spouses, partners and allied industry members. The main objective of the WNAAA is to promote the positive image of the aerial application industry.

The objectives of the WNAAA shall be cooperative, educational, and legislative at the national level as set forth in greater detail below.

  1. To foster a more cohesive agricultural aviation industry.
  2. To strengthen and supplement legislative representation with help and guidance from chosen leaders from the agricultural aviation industry.
  3. To organize in such a manner that the future growth and needs of the agricultural aviation industry may be handled by qualified personnel.
  4. To promote better understanding and cooperation between the agricultural aviation industry and related industries.
  5. To establish policies and programs for agricultural aviators which will better coordinate and promote inter-industry activities and co-sponsored educational and research projects.
  6. To establish cooperative, inter-industry liaison and communications with other related industries having an interest in agricultural aviation.
  7. To sponsor and promote research in order to advance the agricultural aviation industry for the benefit of mankind everywhere.
  8. To work toward gaining greater recognition and respect for the agricultural aviaton industry and its contribution to agriculture and society.
  9. To advance agricultural aviation through technical knowledge and ethical standards.