NAAREF/PAASS Contributors

NAAREF Program Sponsors 2015-2016
(Updated 9/8/15)
Operators and Pilots, Federal and State Agencies, Insurance and Service Providers, Aircraft and Equipment Manufacturers, Chemical Companies, Academic Institutions, and State Associations sponsor the NAAREF projects, including the PAASS Program.
Donations are at the category level unless individually noted. PAASS Partners that have pledged for 3 to 5 years, or have donated the last 3 years at that level, are shown in bold print. 
STS Enterprise $50,000
P-51 Mustang $25,000
P-40 Warhawk $15,000
Spirit of St. Louis $10,000
Sikorsky R-4 Hoverfly $5,000
Curtiss Jenny $1,000 
Illinois AAA ($3,000)
New Mexico AAA ($3,000)
Minnesota AAA ($2,932)
Hartzell Propeller Inc. ($2,500)
Harley Curless ($2,000)
Advantage Ag Air
Chanay Aircraft Services Inc.
Growers Air Service
Andrew, Kristen & Benjamin Moore
Nebraska ATA
O'Brien Flying Service Inc.
S&T Aircraft Accessories Inc.
Piper J-3 $500
Aerial Crop Services LLC
AeroFlow Systems
Agriflite Services Inc.
Boardman Aerial Spraying Inc.
Double L Flying Service
Farm Air Inc.
Helicopter Applicators Inc.
Heinen Brothers Agra Service
Jones Flying Service
M M Satterfield Aviation Fuels
Medina Flying Service
Precissi Flying Service Inc.
Queen Bee Air Specialties Inc.
Scott Aviation Inc.
Stokes Flying Service
Thomas Helicopters Inc.
Lee & Nancy Turnquist
Richard & Brenda Watts
Western Helicopter Services Inc.

Graf Zeppelin $250
Sciara & Whittington Air & Ground ($400)
Platte Valley Aviation ($375)
Flagler Aerial Spraying Inc. ($340)

Ag Flying Service Inc. ($300)
Thomas "Jim" Avery ($300)
Crop Air Inc. ($300)

Arrow Aviation Inc.
Campbell Aviation Inc.
Colorado AAA
Everett Flying Service Inc.

Plu's Flying Service Inc.
Racer's Ag Service
Richter Aviation Inc.
Rucker Flying Service Inc.
Runsick Flying Service
Thiel Air Care Inc.

Daedalus $100
Guy "Jock" D Warren ($220)
Air Dusters Inc. ($200)
Greg Allen ($200)
Blair Air Service ($200)
Bernard "Marty" Brill ($200)
Burnett Aviation Inc ($200)
Crabbe Aviaion LLC ($200)
Nelson Air Spray ($200)
Reed Aviation Inv. ($200)
Clyde Kornegay ($180)
Allen Chorman & Son Inc. ($150)

Larry Vanderpool ($105)
AgriFlite West Inc.
Airborne Custom Spraying Inc.
John "Circus" Becker
Carroll Flying Service Inc.
Central Valley Aviation Inc.
Joe Coppick
Dan's Flying Service Inc.
Dixie Flying Service
Dungan Aerial Service Inc.
Lloyd Erlandson
Floyd Aero
FMC Corporation
Garland Aviation
Gibson Ag Service Inc.
Golden Ranch Aviation Inc. 
Haley Flying Service
Heiderscheidt Aerial LLC
Krista Heiderscheidt
Holloway Air Service Inc.
Industrial Aviation Services
Thomas Irvine
Jay's Flying Service LLC
Chris Jones
Mark Lane
Lewis Ag Aviation Inc.
Middle Georgia Aviation Inc.
Midwest Flying Service Inc.
Moss Flying Service
North Fork Helicopters Ltd.
Probasco Flying Service
R & W Flying Inc.
Riceland Aviation Inc.
Rice County Aerial LLC
Roma Air Corporation
Richard M. Stoltz
Syracuse Flying Service Inc.
Thornton Aerial Applicators
Townsend Aviation Inc.
Tri-Air Farms Inc.
Tyree Ag Inc.
Valley Sprayers Inc.
Other Donations Under $100
Ag Air Inc.
Chris Babin

Blair's Flying Service
Michael Brown
Cotton Ag Inc.
Double R Flight Services Inc.
Ellis Flying Service Inc.
Raymond Feeney
Sherrie Lazzerini
Tyson Lukasavige
Mundell Enterprises
Casey Odegard
Otter Aviation Inc.
Lawrence Rolfs
Larry Sneed
Blair Thompson
Turrell Flying Service Inc.
Mark Whalen

Special Assistance to the PAASS Program
Dr Scott Bretthauer
Harley Curless
Farm Air Inc.
Helicopter Applicators Inc.
Mid-Continent Aircraft Corp.
Ray Pojanowski
Dennie Stokes
Townsend Aviation Inc.

Memorials presented to the PAASS Program
NAAREF and the PAASS Program express sympathy to all those who have lost loved ones or friends and wish to have them remembered through a memorial. We are extremely grateful to those families who, during their time of grief, decided to request that memorial donations be made to the PAASS Program. Those memorials will be used in the production of our PAASS safety and educational program with the goal of preventing injury or death to those engaged in the aerial application industry. The donors remain on the list for a year after their donation is received.
Vic Clark Memorial: California AAA and Thiel Air Care Inc.

Alan East Memorial: Thiel Air Care Inc.

Frank Gomes Jr. Memorial: California AAA and Joanne Nissen

Moe Haughey Memorial: California AAA