Towers Policy

Let's Be Fair About Sharing the Air

Wind turbines and unmarked meteorological evaluation testing towers (METs) are two separate but related problems affecting agricultural pilots and other low-level aviators, neither of which is well understood by those outside the industry. To help change that, NAAA has compiled a wealth of information about these “towering” problems. In the articles along the left-hand menu, you will learn about:
  • Unmarked MET towers. What are they, and why do aerial applicators and other low-level aviators consider them so dangerous?
  • Wind energy’s effect on farming, a deeper problem that extends beyond the potential loss of aerial application services.
  • What aerial applicators are doing in Minnesota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and elsewhere to address the safety and accessibility concerns that met towers and wind turbines pose to ag pilots.
  • NAAA’s Tower Safety Guidelines.
  • NATA’s MET Marking Guidance.
  • And much more!