2019 AAT Research Presentations

2019 NAAA Ag Aviation Expo

The following research topics were presented at the Aerial Application Technology Research Session at the 2019 NAAA Ag Aviation Expo in Orlando, FL.
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Presentation 1
Card Based Spray Pattern Testing System Designed for Aerial Applicators to Use

Contact the Author: Matt Gill

Presentation 2
Selecting Appropriate Cameras and Camera Settings for Aerial Imaging

Contact the Author: Chenghai Yang, Ph.D.

Presentation 3
Development of Operation S.A.F.E. Flight and Pattern Testing Equipment

Contact the Author: Dan Martin, Ph.D.

Presentation 4
Economic Benefits of the Aerial Application Industry in the United States 

Contact the Author: Senarath Dharmasena Ph.D.

Presentation 5
Aerial Application 101

Contact the Author: Brad Fritz, Ph.D.
Presentation 6
Towards a Standard for Aerial Spray Drift Trials
Contact the Author: Dan Martin, Ph.D.

Presentation 7

Presentation 8
The Impact of Nozzle Relative Velocity on Droplet Spectra

Contact the Author: Sam Marx