100th Anniversary Logos

August 3, 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of an experiment in Ohio when lead arsenate dust was spread over catalpa trees to kill sphinx moth larvae. The industry has many opportunities during 2021 to share their story and that includes you as an ag pilot, spouse, operation employee, mixer/loader, Allied company, etc. 

Our industry has a remarkable story to tell. It plays a crucial role in helping farmers feed, clothe and provide bio-energy to the world. And we hope you will join us in sharing the story of the industry.  If you plan to share the anniversary on social media, your operation/company website, or in your local press, NAAA members are permitted to use the 100th anniversary logo for various projects. You can download various versions of the logo below (the image will download or appear on the screen, at which time you can right click to save image):

For questions, send us an email. For more information on the industry's 100th anniversary, visit the website at https://agaviation100.com/.