Section: Commodity Closeups
Citrus: Small Niche Market Facing Big Problems
Agricultural aviation plays a small but important role in the production of citrus fruits, which are a welcome addition to the American diet during the fall, winter and spring months. Although oranges, tangerines, tangelos, grapefruit, lemons and limes are grown commercially in four states, Florida is by far the largest producer in the U.S., providing 7.5 million tons in 2004/2005. In that same year, California grew only 3.3 million tons, Texas .33 tons and Arizona just .12 tons.
Changes in Rice Production Mean Longer Days for Aerial Applicators
Agricultural aviation is an integral part of rice production in this country, but its role is evolving. Extended growing seasons and new hybrids of rice have made the job more challenging.
Potatoes: More Than Meets the Eye
Potatoes are an important staple for Americans and aerial application plays a critical roll in keeping up with the demands. The first potato patches were established in North America in 1719 and today there are several varietals grown in more than 36 states including Idaho, Washington, Oregon, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Colorado, California and Maine, with Idaho being the top producing state. Potatoes are the leading vegetable crop and the second most consumed food in the United States, just after dairy.