Athena Project

The Athena Project details how to strengthen client and customer relationships. This will be helpful to the wives who work in the aerial application business and office workers because they are often the first people that clients and customers communicate with.

Each year, the Athena Project is presented at the NAAA Convention and various state/regional conventions. This Support Committee (previously the WNAAA) sponsor this educational program specifically designed to provide support to the women of the agricultural aviation industry. The goal is to improve the effectiveness of its people by building a practical program on a solid foundation.

Each program will be presented in a PowerPoint presentation, with topics tailored to address the real risk-management concerns of everyday life in the agriculture aviation business. The modules are designed for women of the industry, by industry members, and presented by women of the industry.

We have named our program The Athena Project. Athena is the Daughter of Zeus, often identified as Athena Nike; she is the goddess of wisdom, agriculture, and handicrafts and is usually depicted as the goddess of victorious battle. She was allowed to use Zeus’ weapons including his thunderbolt (our logo). She is fierce and brave in battle, but fights only to protect the state and home from outside enemies.

We ask for the opportunity to speak to the women of your area, whether you have a formal women’s group, or not. The time needed for our presentation is one to two hours, depending on the amount of audience participation. To schedule a presentation for your state or regional association’s meeting, contact NAAA at and we will put you in touch with the Athena Committee. 

**Photo courtesy of Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton, Alberta and Donita Lockwood**