Brian Townsend

Brian is a second generation aerial applicator that grew up around fixed winged and rotary winged aircraft.  His dreams of flying over the corn in a helicopter began very young.  He was enamored from the beginning with helicopters.  He earned a fixed wing license immediately after high school graduation.  He graduated from Purdue University in Dec. of 1997 with a degree in Aviation Administration Technology but his dream was still to fly helicopters and at the suggestion of his dad, he joined the Army and became a Warrant Officer.   He enjoyed a 10 year Army Aviation career flying the AH64D Apache with 2 combat deployments.  

Upon completing his obligations to the military, he joined his father in 2010 for his first season in the Bell 206.  From there he moved into the turbine thrush, 602, and then the 802.  He purchased the helicopter and a truck and trailer rig from his father in 2018 and began On Target Applicators flying alongside him.  Since then he spends the majority of his application time in the helicopter.  In the fall months he's spent a lot of time applying cover crop with the 802. 

During the off season he handles the logistics of maintenance and spends time with his two kids Ella, Zackrey, and his dog.  He enjoys being out in nature.  Specifically, fishing and golfing occupy his free time.