Colorado AAA 15-16 PAASS Attendees

2015-2016 PAASS Program
November 10, 2015
Loveland, Colorado

The NAAA members listed below have attended the designated PAASS Program for 2015-2016. They may be eligible for discounts or special consideration from insurance providers. In addition, CEUs may be offered by state lead agencies toward pesticide certification.

Last Name First Name M.I. Company State
 Allen  Greg D  Allen Air LTD CO
 Barlow  Brent A   CO
 Berggren  Phil    Agri-Tech Aviation, Inc. CO
 Buss  Loren    Crop Care Inc. CO
 Coen  Brady    Coen Aerial Spraying CO
 Conyers  John L  Air Care, Inc. CO
 Dowd, Jr  John J  Syracuse Flying Service Inc. KS
 Drosselmeyer  Ron    Air Sprayers Inc. CO
 Felix  Deven    Olathe Spray Service Inc. CO
 Felix  Seth    Olathe Spray Service Inc. CO
 Felix, Jr  Leonard D  Olathe Spray Service Inc. CO
 Gustafson  Dana    Crop Air Inc. CO
 Hildebrandt  Ken    Warrior Aviation CO
 Koenig  Don    Denton Aerial Spraying CO
 Leach  Todd    Jet Stream Ag Aviation CO
 McPherson  Jerry    Yuma Ag Service CO
 Mertens  Darrel    Aero Applicators Inc. CO
 Mook  Justin    Scott Aviation CO
 Poe  Jeffrey F  Air Care Inc. CO
 Reck  Matthew R  AgOne Application Services CO
 Rogge  E S    Jet Stream Ag Aviation, Inc. CO
 Rogge  Gary L  Jet Stream Ag Aviation CO
 Root  Shane G  Root Spraying Service, Inc. KS
 Saffer  Dallas    Flagler Aerial Spraying Inc. CO
 Saffer  Roger    Saffer Spray Service Inc. CO
 Schellenberg  Jason    Air Dusters Inc. CO
 Scott  Kyle J  Scott Aviation Inc. CO
 Shulze  Matt P  AgOne Application Services CO
 Smith  Gene M   CO
 Sollenbarger  Ben    007 Dusting Inc. CO
 Steggs  Jerry    Frenchman Valley Aerial CO
 Tinnes  Allen    Air Care, Inc. CO
 Tinnes  Danny    Air Care, Inc. CO
 Tucker  Adam    Mountain Air Spray Co. Inc. CO