NAAREF Compaass Rose

PAASS Compaass Rose Series is designed to provide professional support and direction for agricultural aviation pilots who want to learn more about the industry. If you want to know more about agricultural aviation and how it relates to production agriculture, if you want more row crop experience, if you wish you had more ag flying hours, if you want to know more about GPS and precision agriculture, then the Compaass Rose Series is the place to be.

The goal is for the participants to enhance their own knowledge, continue to gain agricultural aviation experience, and improve their individual professionalism. Agricultural aviation pilots will have an opportunity to discuss ideas and philosophies about the business, make informed decisions about their future, and interact with some of the industry’s top operators.

Anyone interested in agricultural aviation as a professional career is invited to participate in the PAASS Compaass Rose Series. Compaass Rose sessions are offered at the NAAA National Convention and some State/Regional AAA Conventions.