How to Host

How to Host a CompaassRose at a State/Regional Convention
There is no additional charge to the state or regional association beyond the charges associated with having PAASS.
1.Contact the NAAA Director of Education & Safety at least 60 days before your convention.  This will allow time to confirm PAASS Presenter availability and ensure best available airline ticket price.
2.Arrange it to fit your convention schedule. 
     a.The day immediately before or after the day of PAASS program. 
     b.90 minutes will work but 2 hours is better
3.Book two meeting rooms for the Compaass Rose session. 
     a.One room will need to hold all of the participants.
          i.Session will begin and end there
         ii.Will need two projector screens
         iii.PAASS presenters will provide projectors and computers
     b.The second room will need to hold only the new pilots
         i.Will need one projection screen
         ii.PAASS presenters will provide projector and computer
4.Advertise the session.