Education Sessions

NAAA Ag Aviation Expo
November 18–21, 2019 ♦ Orlando, FL
Rosen Shingle Creek

Several educational sessions will be available throughout the Ag Aviation Expo. Educational Sessions are organized by NAAA with assistance from its Allied Industry Committee to provide information of general interest to the aerial application industry. Sessions are also organized by individual companies to showcase their particular products and services. Watch the schedule as it develops and plan to attend as many Educational Sessions as possible (CEUs may be available for some states).

All sessions will take place at Rosen Shingle Creek

Sunday, Nov. 17
4:45 - 6:45 p.m.

Compaass Rose
Attend this session if you’re new to the industry or interested in becoming an ag pilot. Compaass Rose provides professional support and direction for newbies and those who want to learn more. Additional details on Compaass Rose.

Monday, Nov. 18
1 - 2:30 p.m. 

FAA/Low-Altitude Session
A panel of professionals from the FAA and UAV industry will discuss the efforts underway to safely integrate low-level obstacles into the national airspace system, such as UAVs and towers. It will also focus on other ag aviation maintenance and operations issues. The panel discussion will be followed by an audience Q&A.
  • Jody Hemler, FAA
  • Jennifer Rodi, NTSB
  • Shane Woodson, uAvionix
  • Manny Cruz, FAA Office of UAV Integration (Invited)
Radial Engines Session
Discussion of Pratt & Whitney R-985 and R-1340 series of radial engines. The panel will be comprised of representatives from Covington Aircraft and Tulsa Aircraft Engines. Best operating experience/guidance and Q&A. Please come prepared to ask questions and learn all you can.
Moderator: Rob Seeman, Covington Aircraft Engines
  • Logan Simmons, Covington Aircraft Engines
  • Rex Vaughn, Tulsa Aircraft Engines
AG-NAV Session: AgMission:  Flight Planning for Aerial Applications​
Many fields may look similar or the same on the ground. Pilots can fly to the field and make a new area for spray by visually checking the boundary, then enter the A-B line. This requires the pilot to be familiar with the areas and be able to identify the fields precisely; therefore, more time is required to fly and it is easy to make a mistake. A better way to prepare for the spray mission is to make spray fields and maps in your office and send them to the guidance system. The AgMission webapp created by AgNav will help pilots create flight planning very easily and it's handy no matter where you are. Why not make technologies to work for you? Come to the AgNav session to see how you can plan for a safe and productive flight.  
Speaker: Lai Nguyen, P.Eng., AG-NAV Inc.

Monday, Nov. 18
2:45 - 4:15 p.m. 

Equipment for Improving Application Accuracy
Attend this session to learn about aerial application technologies that are aimed at improving the efficacy of applications and reducing off-target movement. Below are companies that have been invited to speak and there will be time left for Q&A. 
Moderator: Brad Fritz, USDA-ARS
  • AeroFlow, Eric Miller
  • Aventech, Stephen Foster
  • CapstanAg Systems - Jeff Grimm and Jeff Hemeyer 
  • Taranis - Ofir Schlam
  • Transland - Anthonie York
Insurance Session
Join us for a panel discussion from your aviation insurance underwriters from AIG, Old Republic Aerospace, USAIG, and Starr Insurance Companies.  Topics to include but not limited to the current state of the insurance marketplace, additional insureds and contractual requirements, pollution vs chemical liability, aircraft hull and liability, claims, and workers compensation followed by Q&A.  
TPE331 Session
An industry panel comprised of representatives from the OEM (Honeywell), designated overhaul facilities and FAA approved TPE-331 overhaul facilities. New technical data and updates will be provided, as well as Q&A for attendees. Please come prepared to ask questions and learn all you can.
Moderator: Bruce Hubler
  • Danny Moore, CD Aviation Services
  • Nei James, Intercontinental Jet Service Corp.
  • Terry Cooley, TAE Aerospace
  • Mark Richardson, Turbine Standard
  • Robert Quiroz, Honeywell
Presentations by:
  • Robert Quiroz, Honeywell Update
  • Tennessee Aircraft Co., Fuel Quality & Fuel Nozzle Maintenance
BASF Session: Introducing Veltyma Fungicide from BASF ​
Veltyma fungicide from BASF will change the fungicide market. This new fungicide brings a new level of application flexibility and consistency of performance to increase the fungicide acreage, like BASF did with the introduction of Headline fungicide over a decade ago. This education session will review the application specifics and product performance details to prepare attendees for the 2020 season. The education session will include a panel discussion with an applicator, grower and BASF representatives to discuss the Veltyma experience of trial applications from the 2019 season. Together we can look forward to a successful 2020 season and the growth of the aerial applied fungicide market.  
Moderator: Matt Malone, Product Manager, BASF
  • Paula Halabicki, Technical Marketing Manager, BASF
  • Following Paula's presentation will be a panel. Panelists will be announced soon.

Monday, Nov. 18
4:30 - 6 p.m.

PT6 Session
An industry panel comprised of representatives from Pratt & Whitney Canada, designated overhaul facilities and other PT6A overhaul facilities. New technical data will be provided, as well as Q&A for attendees.
Moderator: Fletcher Sharp, Covington Aircraft Engines
  • Robert Craymer, Covington Aircraft Engines
  • Wendel Lambert, Dallas Airmotive
  • Yves Houde, Pratt & Whitney Canada
  • Jay Streb, Turbines, Inc.
Chemical Session
The chemical session will feature chemical company representatives discussing their products that can be applied aerially. Topics will include a review of those products, labeled crops, targeted pests, timing and crop stage for applications, safety considerations, and label guidelines relevant to aerial application. New products as well as existing products will be covered. Attend this session to learn about the latest and greatest products that can be applied using agricultural aircraft.
Moderator: Tracy Norcross, Bayer CropScience
  • Troy Golden, Alligare
  • Matt Malone, BASF
  • Hailey Bason, Corteva
  • Steffan Busch, EGE Products
  • Robb Rainey, FMC
  • Cathy Tomlinson, GarrCo products
Storm Aeronautics Session: Safety Advancements in Ag Aviation
Jared will be speaking on safety in ag aviation highlighting the Storm Cutters and Storm Shield. 
Speaker: Jared Storm
"Ask the Expert" Speed Mentoring Session
If you’ve been in the industry less than five years, grab a seat at the table for the “Ask the Expert” Speed Mentoring Session, a fast-paced orientation session that provides new and prospective ag pilots with a quick 360-degree overview of what’s required and what it takes to work as a pilot in the agricultural aviation industry. A series of quick-hitting speed mentoring rounds will be led by experienced operators and pilots, insurance representatives and ag school representatives. This is your chance to pose questions to industry experts in a smaller group setting than Compaass Rose.

Tuesday, Nov. 19
7 - 8:30 a.m.

Transland Breakfast & Seminar 
Upcoming improvements for Satloc product line and what the future looks like for Satloc and Transland.
Presenter: Alan Haigood, Business Manager, Satloc

Wednesday, Nov. 20
8 - 9:30 a.m.

Helicopter Session 
The subjects for the helicopter session roundtable will be brought up by attendees! The person with the answer to your question may be sitting two chairs away from you!
Presenter: Jeff Reabe, Reabe Aircraft Improvement
Chem-Man Session
Chem-Man Online offers a complete solution for ag operations from mapping/scheduling a job to transferring it to an invoice. There is an easy GPS interface allowing you to download your GPS files and then upload your log files. Multiple reports are great for bookkeeping and operations management. QuickBooks interface, inventory tracking, chemical database, weather importing and customer notifications are just a few things we offer at Chem-Man. Our development team is continually offering new features to make your life easier and also be more compliant.
Speaker: Regina Farmer, Datasmart Software
Pratt & Whitney Canada Engine Services
Pratt and Whitney welcomes PT6 owners and maintainers to an open session where we will present our aftermarket services and solutions such as Warranty claim process, FAST and OilAT.
Speaker: Yves Houde, PT6A Customer Manager
USDA Aerial Image Processing Workshop 
If you are interested in knowing a little more about remote sensing technology or plan to take aerial imagery using your aircraft or drones, this workshop will show you the kind of camera systems you can assemble or purchase for your aircraft. We will also show you how to use the free Mission Planner software to create your flight plans before you take imagery using your aircraft. Then we will demonstrate how to use the commercial image processing software Pix4DMapper to process the images acquired with a two-camera imaging system. Specifically, we will show you how to mosaic the images and create normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) maps and prescription maps for precision application. All participants are welcome to attend the workshop. For those of you who are interested in gaining some hands-on experience on image processing, please contact Chenghai Yang to receive the instructions for downloading the software and sample images.
Instructor: Chenghai Yang, USDA-ARS, Aerial Application Technology Research Unit, College Station, TX

Wednesday, Nov. 20
9:45 - 10:15 a.m.

Turbine Conversions Session: Improve your bottom line with new opportunities in dispersal systems
This is a rare opportunity to learn from two leaders in technology from the two largest Agricultural Aviation segments in the world; USA and Brazil. Learn about new opportunities to improve your profit margin by adding high quality dispersal equipment to your business.   Variable Rate Gates and Firegates can expand your services offered to your current clients and attract new clients.  New options in high quality spray systems can improve your improve your bottom line.  Bill & Sergio will be eager to hear your challenges and answer questions on how they can best support you and your Ag Operations.
  • Bill Hatfield - Owner of Turbine Conversions, Ltd
  • Sergio Zanoni - Owner of Zanoni Equipmentos
Raven Slingshot Session (formerly AgSync): Find Your 20!  How Raven’s Connected Workflow featuring AgSync will make you more efficient and profitable.
Come Discover Your 20! Paul and Clay will show you how the Raven Connected Workflow can save you 20% or more in your operations. Experience the upgraded tools available to increase your profit margin by getting your planes into the air faster. Faster workflow means faster invoicing, less time for more profit.   
  • Paul Welbig – Director of Business Development, Raven Applied Technologies
  • Clay Rassi – Sales Manager, Raven Applied Technologies
CapstanAg Systems Session
CapstanAG SwathPRO Aerial Application System.

Speaker: Dr. Andrew Holtz, Engineering Manager for CapstanAG

Wednesday, Nov. 20
4 - 5:30 p.m.

Compaass Rose (4 - 6 p.m.)
Attend this session if you’re new to the industry or interested in becoming an ag pilot. Compaass Rose provides professional support and direction for newbies and those who want to learn more. Additional details on Compaass Rose.
Insero Session: AgPilotX – A New Generation of Guidance​
Discussion about Apple iPad/iPhone and wireless technologies used for guidance, rate control and data movement in Aerial Application. Attend and hear from a panel of individuals with decades of experience as technology leaders for the agricultural industry.
  • Greg Guyette
  • Anthony Fay
  • David Dewil
uAvionix Session  ADS-B Is Drone Repellent ​
uAvionix will present a strategy for Universal Equipage on both manned and unmanned aircraft to promote safer skies.  

Speaker: Shane Woodson, Sales Director 

Thursday, Nov. 21

8:45 - 10:15 a.m.
Thrush Aircraft: Being the Best
Speaker: Eric Rojek
10:15 - 11:45 a.m.
Air Tractor Factory Update
Air Tractor will provide an update from the factory on production, customer service and parts, new products and improvements, maintenance tips, and service letters.
Speaker: Jim Hirsch, President
1:15 - 3:15 p.m.
NAAREF Safety Session - Significant Others Invited!!
Relationship Drift: A look at how personal relationships effect pilot decision making and safety

The NAAREF Safety Session will examine safety elements through a different lens. The program “Relationship Drift: A look at how personal relationships affect pilot decision making and safety” will be a similar in format to the popular Compaass Rose program, but instead of better facilitating relations between inexperienced pilots and more experienced operators, the new session is designed to facilitate relations between operators/pilots and their spouses or significant others.
3:30 - 4:45 p.m
ASU Session: 2019 Night Operations Safety with NVGs
Attendees will leave the session with and understanding of the benefits of flying at night (Operational, environmental and community), safety benefits of using NVGs and ongoing considerations of sustaining NVG operations. This session will cover the benefits of nighttime aerial application, improving nighttime operation safety with NVGS, requirements of NVG operations, including goggles, training, aircraft modification, regulatory considerations and equipment/personnel scheduling and keys to sustainment, including goggle certification, conformity, marketing your NVG program and addressing community concerns.
Speaker:  Kip McDermott , ASU
3:30 - 4:45 p.m
DynaNav Session: New Generation GPS guidance with integration of Flow Control systems and other Automation
This session will cover the following topics:
  • GPS/GNSS now and in the future for accurate navigation and recording. How accurate is accurate?
  • Guidance display technology: Lightbar and placement, Graphical displays and Heads Up Display (HUD).
  • Integrating Flow Control systems for dry and liquid for accurate results. Variable rate and its limitations. Various Flow control methodologies and their advantages.
  • Creating polygons for application areas, and generating the different forms of as-applied maps. Data storage and integrity in the aircraft and in the office.
Speaker: Reg Moen