Education Sessions

NAAA Ag Aviation Expo
December 7-10, 2020 ♦ Savannah, GA
Several educational sessions will be available throughout the Ag Aviation Expo. Educational Sessions are organized by NAAA with assistance from its Allied Industry Committee to provide information of general interest to the aerial application industry. Sessions are also organized by individual companies to showcase their particular products and services. Watch the schedule as it develops and plan to attend as many Educational Sessions as possible (CEUs may be available for some states).

All sessions will take place at the Savannah Convention Center, unless otherwise stated. SCHEDULE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Sunday, Dec. 6
4:45 - 6:45 p.m.

Compaass Rose
Attend this session if you’re new to the industry or interested in becoming an ag pilot. Compaass Rose provides professional support and direction for newbies and those who want to learn more. Additional details on Compaass Rose.

Monday, Dec. 7
1 - 2:30 p.m. 

Low Altitude Airspace and Aerial Crop Scouting / Imaging Session
A panel of professionals will discuss a variety of issues related to low altitude aviation ranging from FAA tower and drone policies designed to make the national airspace system safer for low-flying manned aircraft to field scouting using the AgroScout AI drone platform to find bugs and disease faster and potentially further diversity your aviation business. You will hear also hear from researchers at Mississippi State University on the culmination of a 3-year research effort made possible by the support of NAAA members through GPS flight log data donations. The focus of this research is to model agricultural aircraft performance, and to use the resulting model(s) to inform and educate Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) operators on how to operate in agricultural environments safely and responsibly.
Moderator: Andrew Moore, NAAA CEO
  • Madison Dixon, UAS Program Manager, Mississippi State University
  • Tim Kustka, Sales Director, AgroScout (an unmanned aerial system platform to help diversify aviation or agricultural businesses by providing growers comprehensive information about the evidence of pests or disease for better overall decision-making and management)
Radial Engines Session
Discussion of Pratt & Whitney R-985 and R-1340 series of radial engines. The panel will be comprised of representatives from Covington Aircraft. Best operating experience/guidance and Q&A. Please come prepared to ask questions and learn all you can.

Moderator: Covington Aircraft Engines

Transland / SATLOC Session: Satloc Advancements Through Innovation 

Monday, Dec. 7
2:45 - 4:15 p.m. 

Chemical Session
The Chemical Session will feature chemical company representatives discussing their products that can be applied aerially. Topics will include a review of those products, labeled crops, targeted pests, timing and crop state for applications, safety considerations and label guidelines relevant to aerial application. New products as well as existing products will be covered. Attend the session to learn about the latest and greatest products that can be applied using agricultural aircraft. 
Moderator: Lynn Justesen, UPL North America 
  • Steffan Busch, EGE Products
  • Cathy Tomlinson, GarrCo Products
Insero Session: AgPilotX - GPS Guidance System Tools for the Ag Pilot
Join us to learn about the latest innovations in GPS Guidance Systems for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. You’ll hear a discussion about using iPads, real-time tracking, wireless hardware, and using a simple app with background imagery. Also, discussions about Spray Drift modeling, AgSync connectivity and connecting to third party devices like the Reabe Gate, Air Repair Gate, and MVP for torque and temp on takeoff.
  • Greg Guyette, Anthony Fay, David Dewil, Insero
  • Bill Reynolds, Leading Edge
  • Troy Reabe, Reabe Aircraft Improvement
  • David Eby, AgriFlite
  • Wayne Schmidt, AgSync
  • Pete Jones, Air Repair
TPE331 Session
An industry panel comprised of representatives from the OEM (Honeywell), designated overhaul facilities and FAA approved TPE-331 overhaul facilities. New technical data and updates will be provided, as well as Q&A for attendees. Please come prepared to ask questions and learn all you can.
Moderator: Bruce Hubler, TAE Aerospace

Monday, Dec. 7
4:30 - 6 p.m.

PT6 Session
An industry panel comprised of representatives from Pratt & Whitney Canada, and P&WC designated overhaul facilities, along with FAA approved PT6 overhaul facilities. New technical data and updates will be provided, as well as a Q&A for attendees. Please come with your PT6 questions!.

Moderator: Fletcher Sharp, Covington Aircraft Engines

  • Bob Salyers, Pratt & Whitney Canada FSR 
  • Mathieu Renaud, Pratt & Whitney Canada (TBD)
  • Robert Craymer, Covington Aircraft Engines
  • Jay Streb, Turbines, Inc.
  • William Wilson, Airforce Turbine Service  
"Ask the Expert" Speed Mentoring Session
If you’ve been in the industry less than five years, grab a seat at the table for the “Ask the Expert” Speed Mentoring Session, a fast-paced orientation session that provides new and prospective ag pilots with a quick 360-degree overview of what’s required and what it takes to work as a pilot in the agricultural aviation industry. A series of quick-hitting speed mentoring rounds will be led by experienced operators and pilots, insurance representatives and ag school representatives. This is your chance to pose questions to industry experts in a smaller group setting than Compaass Rose.
CapstanAg Session: SwathPRO Application System by CapstanAG
Improving Application Accuracy with SwathPRO, discuss how individual nozzle control, pressure & droplet management, “On-the-fly” control changes will improve your accuracy and productivity.

Speakers: Jeff Hemeyer, National Sales Manager
                 Adam Madison, SwathPRO Technical Specialist

Wednesday, Dec. 9
8 - 9:30 a.m.

Helicopter Session 
The subjects for the helicopter session roundtable will be brought up by attendees! The person with the answer to your question may be sitting two chairs away from you!

Moderator: Jeff Reabe, Reabe Aircraft Improvement
Aviation Specialties Unlimited Session: Night Flight Safety with Night Vision Integration Systems 
ASU was one of the first companies to introduce goggles to civilian world over 25 years ago and is a leader in Night Vision integration.  Initially introducing NVGs to the search and rescue and first responder markets, it became clear that night vision technology could be beneficial for night flight operations across all industries for increased safety as well as cost saving benefits. Attendees will leave the session with an understanding of the following:
  • Benefits of flying at night (Operational, environmental and community)
  • Safety benefits of using NVGs
  • Ongoing considerations of sustaining NVG operations
Speaker: Kip McDermott
Modeling & Characterization of Agricultural Aircraft Performance Using GPS Flight Log Data
Presented by the Mississippi State University Raspet Flight Research Laboratory, this presentation is the culmination of a 3-year research effort made possible by the support of NAAA members through GPS flight log data donations. The focus of this research is to model agricultural aircraft performance, and to use the resulting model(s) to inform and educate Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) operators of how to safely and responsibly operate in agricultural environments. MSU will present on the background, methodology, results, and next steps associated with this research effort, and will conduct a Q&A session with audience members following the presentation. 
Speakers from the MSU Raspet Flight Research Laboratory:
  • Tom Brooks, Director (interim)
  • Madison Dixon, UAS Program Manager & Safety Officer
  • Dr. Alan Martinez, Aviation Program Manager
  • Kyle Ryker, Research Engineer
  • JR Jamora, Graduate Research Assistant
  • David Simpson, Undergraduate Researcher

Wednesday, Dec. 9
9:45 - 10:15 a.m.

Raven Slingshot: Find Your 20 | From the Office to the Cockpit and Back 
Speakers: Paul Welbig, Director of Slingshot Services and Logistics and Wayne Schmitt, Sales Specialist 
The Slingshot platform is the backbone of our efficiency-enhancing portfolio. Combining our software capabilities and high-quality hardware allows us to create a Connected WorkflowTM that syncs operations from the office to the field. And, that gives you the ability to see your business differently and find new ways to run it even better than before. New this year is Fleet Tracking.  Come see a demonstration on how the Fleet Tracking devices and interface allows users to wirelessly track the location and other important information about their equipment and other moving assets by providing accurate machine running data in real-time. This gives ag retailers, applicators and enterprise growers a holistic view of their entire fleet — including work, idle and transit times — to better manage their equipment, assets and operations.
Turbine Conversions Session: 30 years - 30 STCs Innovative Products from Turbine Packages to Dispersal Systems all to improve the bottom line of your spraying operations. 
Turbine Conversions, Ltd has 30 years of developing and investing in quality innovations to support your ag aircraft and spraying operation. Versatility is the best way to increase your bottom line. We offer equipment that will help you grow your business's bottom line; variable rate gates, hydraulic firegates and stainless steel dispersal systems. Also, hear about our newest innovations to support Thrush aircraft owners, the Top Hat Submergible Fuel Pump, Titanium Tailwheel Springs and Bonded Leading Edges. Don't miss this opportunity to hear from experts in the field that know what you experience day to day because it is their job too and want to make sure you are in the air making money!
  • Bill Hatfield
  • Mark Grahek

Wednesday, Dec. 9
4 - 5:30 p.m.

Relationship Drift Session (4 - 6 p.m.)
The Relationship Dirft Session will will look at how personal relationships affect pilot decision making and safety and will be a similar in format to the popular Compaass Rose program, but instead of better facilitating relations between inexperienced pilots and more experienced operators, the new session is designed to facilitate relations between operators/pilots and their spouses or significant others.
Storm Aeronautics Session: Safety Advancements in Ag Aviation 
Speaker: Jared Storm, Storm Aeronautics
Jared will be speaking on safety in ag aviation highlighting the Storm Cutters and Storm Shield as well as others projects that they are working on. 

Thursday, Dec. 10

8:45 - 10:15 a.m.
Air Tractor Session: Flying Forward

Speaker: Jim Hirsch, Air Tractor President

Jim Hirsch will provide the latest information from Air Tractor for operators and pilots. Topics will include aircraft and parts production, what's new, aircraft maintenance and service information, and Air Tractor's outlook for the future.
10:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Thrush Aircraft Session: Thrush Annual Review
Speaker: Mark McDonald, Thrush Aircraft CEO
1:15 - 2:45 p.m.
NAAREF Safety Session 

The 2020 NAAREF Safety Session features Fran de Kock of Battlefords Airspray in Canada. He graciously allowed NAAREF to film him instructing his students on two important safety topics: emergency dumping procedures and how to land with a fully loaded aircraft. In agricultural aviation the goal of course is to apply the load in the hopper to the intended target area. Situations can change, and it is important the pilots know how to conduct both procedures, and just as importantly how to safely practice doing them. Fran was filmed both in his classroom and in a dual-seat AT-504. He covers both topics in depth, including the difference between how dumping is typically practiced versus how it will occur during an actual emergency. Don’t miss this chance to improve your knowledge about how to practice dumping a load and landing with a load. The session will be valuable to both experienced and inexperienced pilots. 
3 - 4:30 p.m
Hartzell Propeller Session: Propeller Care and Maintenance
Proper care of Hartzell propellers and why not to use Beta in flight. Q & A after training.
Speaker: Gary Chafin
3 - 4:30 p.m
Hydro Gate Session