Tri-States Aerial Convention - South Dakota & Minnesota Attendees 20/21

2020-2021 PAASS Program
February 25, 2021

The NAAA members listed below have attended the designated PAASS Program for 2020-2021. They may be eligible for discounts or special consideration from insurance providers. In addition, CEUs may be offered by state lead agencies toward pesticide certification.
Last Name First Name M.I. Company State
Aslesen Ben   Airborne Custom Spraying MN
Aslesen Jon     MN
Aslesen Rob   Airborne Custom Spraying, Inc. MN
Bair Craig A Agtegra Cooperative SD
Barber John   Brett's Spray Service, Inc. SD
Becker Mark D Agtegra ND
Boehm Tristan   Friesenborg & Larson IA
Christopherson Ryan   ASS, LLC MN
Deal Paul M Wilbur-Ellis Company MN
Donner Bob G Donner Aerial Spraying II MN
Farder Riley A Gulf Coast Aviation TX
Fast Brady   Fast Ag Air SD
Fussell Jackie   Fussell Spraying Service GA
Gjerswold Andrew   Brekke Aviation & Agronomy MN
Gradert Kameron   Aerial Guidance Solutions IA
Grayson George   Wilbur-Ellis Company SD
Gregory Norb L Gregory Aero Services MN
Hamilton Terry D Midwest Ag Air MN
Hansen Jed   Hangar 8 Spray Service, LLC SD
Hauschild Doug   West Central Aerial Sprayers, Inc. MN
Heiderscheidt Sam   Sky Apply MN
Hofer Mikel   Doland Aerial Spraying SD
Holmseth Steven   Fairmont Aerial Ag, Inc. MN
Hook Matthew J Triple H Aviation LLC MN
Hook Robert J Triple H Aviation Inc. MN
Hoppe Matthew L Friesenborg & Larson Custom Spraying LLC MN
Hrabe Dusten   Hrabe Flying Service Inc. SD
Jackson Douglas W Benson Air Ag, Inc. MN
Jennen, II Richard J Precision Ag Products Inc. MN
Jerger Gary G Ag Spray, Inc. MN
Johnson Preston   Ascend Ag, Inc. SD
Klindt Eric P Wilbur-Ellis Company MN
Kraft Duane J Air Kraft Spraying Inc. SD
Kraft Tyrone   Air Kraft Spraying Inc. SD
Kretschmar Heath   Dakota Pro Air, LLC SD
Kroeplin Doug   Kroeplin Air SD
Krogman Dean   Krogman Aerial Spraying Inc. MN
Lofton Chad   Lofton Aviation Inc. MN
Lubben Ryan   West Central Ag-Air Inc. MN
Maas Bradley   MN DNR Enforcement MN
Matthews Nicholas   Wilbur-Ellis Company SD
Mellette Dustin   Applied Aviation LLC WI
Miller Timothy John Classic Arrow Inc. MN
Muhlenkort Jeff   Sun Aviation, LLC SD
Narsavage Brian   Classic Aero GA
Orwick Bryce   Northstar Aerospray Inc. MN
Pake Brad   Pake Flying Service MN
Patterson Dale L Cedar Butte Air Inc. SD
Perrenoud Tom   Agtegra SD
Peterson Kenneth James Peterson Aerial Spraying MN
Peterson Lucas     MN
Potts Douglas   Wilbur-Ellis Company SD
Ricard John E Central Planes Aviation Inc. MN
Riggin Morris Alan Riggin Flight Service SD
Rosburg Brian D Fairmont Flying Service, LLC MN
Schindler Todd   Agri Air Services SD
Schwenk John   Schwenk Aircraft Company MN
Sherer Rob   Sherer Spray Service, LLC SD
Sigurdson Richard   Willmar Aerial Spray Inc. MN
Smith Dustin L Smithy Spraying SD
Suhn Marcus   Dakota Pro Air, LLC SD
Swanson Thomas   Agtegra Cooperative SD
Thisius John   Thisius Flying Service MN
Van Veldhuizen Kaleb   Crop Dusters LLC IA
Viger Alex P Wilbur-Ellis Company MN
Vold Tyler J Carlson Ag Aviation MN
Welling Justin   Agtegra Cooperative SD
Wenzel Richard E R & R Spraying, Inc. SD
Yost Randy   Randy's Spray Service SD