Matt Peed

Matt Peed grew up on a small farm in Georgia that raised beef cattle and row crops. Matt’s early professional background is in tree care with experience in both arboriculture and silviculture. While no one in his family has a background in aviation, the urge to fly was instilled in Matt at a young age. The first airplane he ever saw was a Cessna AGtruck flying over a field in Georgia. In 2000 Matt learned to fly, becoming a first-generation pilot in his family. 
Matt’s career as an agricultural aviator began in 2008 when he started flying for O’Brien Flying Service in Iowa, Louisiana. He started out as a rice pilot and worked in various parts of the Delta region and the southeast U.S. Eventually he ended up back in Georgia flying for a large farming operation. Matt is a CFI and an A&P with IA. He conducts turbine transition training in a dual cockpit Thrush. Matt has been married 26 years and has three children with his wife.