NAAREF/PAASS Contributors

NAAREF Program Sponsors 2021-2022
(Updated 2/4/2022)
Operators and Pilots, Federal and State Agencies, Insurance and Service Providers, Aircraft and Equipment Manufacturers, Chemical Companies, Academic Institutions, and State Associations sponsor the NAAREF projects, including the PAASS Program.
Donations are at the category level unless individually noted. PAASS Partners that have pledged for 3 to 5 years, or have donated the last 3 years at that level, are shown in bold print. 
Apollo 11 Eagle $75,000
Quality Spraying Service
STS Enterprise $50,000
P-40 Warhawk $15,000
Spirit of St. Louis $10,000
Sikorsky R-4 Hoverfly $5,000
Covington Aircraft Engines Inc. ($6,500)
Doland Aerial Spraying ($6,185)
Corteva Agriscience ($6,000)
FMC Corporation
GarrCo Products Inc.
Illinois AAA
Iowa AAA
John & Marci O'Connell Fund of InFaith Community Foundation
Storm Aeronautics
Curtiss Jenny $1,000 
Lane Aviation Inc. ($3,500)
Thomas Helicopters Inc. ($3,400)
Nebraska Aviation Trades Association ($3,000)
New Mexico AAA ($3,000)
Diversified Applications Inc. ($2,500)
Jones Flying Service ($2,500)
Kansas AAA ($2,500)
Thiel Air Care Inc. ($2,500)
Lee & Nancy Turnquist ($2,500)
Agricair Flying Service Inc. (2,350)
K & P Flying Service ($2,200)
Growers Air Service ($2,000)
Starr Aviation Agency Inc. ($2,000)

Sun Valley Dusting Company ($2,000)
Aeronova Aerial LLC (1,500)
Andrew D. Moore ($1,395)
LeJuine Aerial Applicators ($1,340)
Helicopter Applicators Inc. ($1,280)
Lindell Aerial Ag Service ($1,005)
Aero Guard Aviation Insurance
Thomas S. Ellett
Farm Air Inc.
Fitch's Flying Service
Heinen Brothers Agra Services

Lauderdale Aerial Spraying LLC
Lukas Johnson
O'Brien Flying Service Inc.
S & T Aircraft Accessories Inc.
Piper J-3 $500
AgAir Update ($850)
Sherer Spray Service LLC ($780)
AIG Aerospace Insurance Services Inc. ($750)
Bain Aviation Inc. ($600)
Double L Flying Service ($600)
Plu's Flying Service Inc. ($600)
Jeff Lynn Blythe
Dairyland Aviation Inc.

Leif & Cindy Isaacson
Clyde C. Kornegay
Louisiana AAA
Medina Flying Service
Moore's Aerial Application Inc.
North Star Aviation Inc.
R&M Flying Service LLC
Reabe Spraying Service Inc.
Richter Aviation Inc.
Tyree Ag Inc.
Valley Air Crafts
Tyree Ag Inc.
Brent Voris

William O. Williams Jr.
Graf Zeppelin $250
Kenneth W. Degg ($400)
Downstown Aero Crop Service ($400)
Cedar Butte Air Inc. ($300)
Hendrickson Flying Service ($300)
Reed Aviation Inc. ($300)

Thomas Air Service Inc. ($280)
Aeris Insurance Solutions
AgriFlite West Inc.
Bernard "Marty" Brill
Carroll Flying Service Inc.

Crabbe Aviation LLC
Crop Air LLC
Donner Aerial Spraying II
Dunn & Dunn Financial Group
Riley A. Farder
Lowell Hicks

Thomas C. Irvine
Kendall Copters Inc.
Maco Aviation Inc.
Meyer Agri-Air Inc.
Red Baron Ag Service
Rutland Flying Service Inc.
Cyn Schreiber-Beck
Tailwheel Training Center
Wilbur Ellis Company
Wilmar Aerial Spray Inc.
Wil-Co Flying Service
Williams Ag Service Inc.

Daedalus $100
Ag Flying Service ($200)
Basin Aviation ($200)
Dungan Aerial Service Inc. ($200)
Ellis Flying Service Inc, ($200)
Evans Aviation ($200)
Glades Ag Service Inc. ($200)
Heiderscheidt Aerial LLC ($200)

Kassel Aviation Insurance ($200)
Lakeland Aviation Inc. ($200)
Liberty Flying Service LLC ($200)
Ryan Richard Muysenberg ($200)
Jane Barber-Pitlick ($200)
Craig Oleen ($200)
Probasco Flying Service ($200)
Rowland Dusters ($200)
Sciara & Whittington Air & Ground ($200)
Holloway Air Service Inc. ($170)
Air Enterprises LLC ($155)
Reg Michaud Aviation ($155)
Charles & Betty England ($150)
Russ Stocker ($150)
Tall-Towers Aviation Inc. ($130)
Scott Aviation ($105)
Aero Applicators Inc.
Air Capital Insurance LLC
Airworks LLC
B & R Aerial Crop Care
Bayou Dusters LLC
Brekke Aviation Inc.
Brignac Flying Service

Campbell Aviation
Central Planes Aviation Inc.
Central Valley Aviation Inc.
Classic Aero Crop Protection Inc.
Coen Aerial Spraying
Colorado AAA
Concho Aviation LLC
Lyndon Michael Christner
Dan's Flying Service Inc.
Davidson Solid Rock Insurance
Tillie Dickerson
Dixie Flying Service
Leo Edwards Jr.
Fast Ag Air
Flying M Applicators Inc.
Galt Ranch Aviation Inc.
Grand Prairie Dusters Inc.
Haley Flying Service
Ben G. Halstenson
Thomas J Harkin
Mark Hartz
Lowell J. Hinchee
Rev. V.R. & Jean Hylton
Paul & Mickey Kerr
Kritter Cropdusting Inc.
Landry Aero
Lewis Ag Aviation Inc.
Elizabeth Lind
Middle Georgia Aviation Inc.
Moe's Crop Dusting Inc.
Gary L. Myers
North FL Ag Services Inc.
Northstar Aerospray Inc.
Regier Flying Service LLC
Richard Flying Service Inc.
Root Spraying Service Inc.
Rutledge Airborne Applications LLC
Kelly Schindler
Mary Beth Schwaegel
Sky Tractor LLC
Sound Trax Studio
Texhoma Sprayers LLC
Thisius Flying Service
Tidwell Flying Service Inc.
Townsend Aviation Inc.
Dorothy, Jerry & Jr Williams
Stephen B. Willis
Wood's Flying Service LLC
Isaac Zimmerman

Other Donations Under $100
Ag Aviation Africa
Thomas Richard Anderson
Paige Alden
Bauer Countryside Ag Service Inc.
Roger Bock
James & Phyllis Boillot
Ronnie Booker

Lynn Carlson
Bow Casper
Josh Christinsen
Patrick O. Cohen
Clinton B. Davis
Gerald "Jerry" Drew Jr.
Jon Loren Eason
Ferriday Flying Service Inc.
Farm Air Corporation
Payton S. Fawcett
Brett Frevert
Friesenborg & Larsen Custom Spray
Bradley K. Fritz
Mark Gainor
Alberto Gonzalez King
Mark S. Greenly
Michael S. Grissom
Jose Guevara
Hale Dusting Service Inc.
Hangar 8 Spray Service LLC
Jason Harwell
Roland Headings
Jon Hengeveld
Leslie E. Hill
Clint Hoffmann
Rocky & Beth Hudson
Jeremy Humphreys
King Air Services
Shaun Kinniburgh
Lakeview Aviation Inc.
Adam Lutterman
McCallister Ag Air
Darla Meise
Taylor Michaud
Morgenroth Aviation LLC
Andrew Mushrush
Northwest Ag
Nick's Flying Service Inc.
James Sutton Page
Lance E. Patchett
Preferred Aviation Underwriters
Randy Prellwitz
Isaac T. Rogier
Anthony W. Root
Autumn Grace Smith
Eric O. Smith
Jon Smith
Larry D. Sneed
Stove Creek Air LLC
Vaughn's Flying Service Inc.
Vince Dusters
Zach's Flying Service Inc.
Special Assistance to the PAASS Program
Bradley Reed
Russ Stocker
Turbine Training Center

Memorials presented to the PAASS Program
NAAREF and the PAASS Program express sympathy to all those who have lost loved ones or friends and wish to have them remembered through a memorial. We are extremely grateful to those families who, during their time of grief, decided to request that memorial donations be made to the PAASS Program. Those memorials will be used in the production of our PAASS safety and educational program with the goal of preventing injury or death to those engaged in the aerial application industry. The donors remain on the list for a year after their donation is received.

Charles "Bug" Abbott Memorial: Paige Alden

Randy Berry Memorial: Jeremy Humphreys

LT Steve Combs, USN Memorial: Isaac Zimmerman

Robert "Robbie" Dopp Memorial: Jim & Julie Perrin

Ricky Fulton Memorial: Jeremy Humphreys

Eddie Gideons Memorial: Ryan Richard Muysenberg

John Goerger Memorial: Darrin Pluhar

Lynn Gray Memorial: Ronnie Booker

Mike Hall Memorial: Farm Air Inc.

Dorothy Kimmel Memorial: 
AIG Aerospace Insurance Services Inc.
Jane Barber-Pitlick
Davidson Solid Rock Insurance
Kenneth W. Degg
Mary Beth Schwaegel
Starr Insurance Companies
Lee & Nancy Turnquist
Richard & Brenda Watts

Zoren & Joan O'Brien Memorial: 
AgAir Update
Jane Barber-Pitlick
James & Phyllis Boillot
Lynn Carlson
Covington Aircraft Engines Inc.
Kenneth W. Degg
Charles & Betty England
Payton S. Fawcett
Mark Hartz
Rocky & Beth Hudson
Rev. V.R. & Jean Hylton
Leif & Cindy Isaacson
Paul & Mickey Kerr
Kimmel Aviation Insurance Agency Inc.
Landry Aero
Lane Aviation
Louisiana AAA
Debra Lounsbury
Andrew Moore
John & Marci O'Connell Fund of InFaith Community Foundation
Seth & Ashley Olivier
Darrin Pluhar
Rick Rosenoff
S & T Aircraft Accessories, Inc.
Sky Tractor LLC
Sun Valley Dusting Co.
Richard & Brenda Watts
Dorothy, Jerry & Jr Williams

Richard "Dick" Reade Memorial: Kenneth W. Degg

"Frankie" Williams Memorial: Scott Lewis