COVID-19 Resources

Relief for Personal Protection Equipment shortages extended through September 30, 2021In June of 2020, the EPA issued a statement that gave options to handle the shortage of respirators when they are required as Personal Protective Equipment. That statement has been extended until September 30, 2021The options as reported in the June 11, 2021 e-newsletter are:

  • Use a NIOSH approved respirator that meets or exceeds the level of protection of the respirator required by the pesticide label.
  • Use an alternative pesticide that fits the intended use but does not require a respirator.
  • If possible, delay the use of using the pesticide until additional compliance options become available.
If these compliance options are exhausted, the EPA provided these options:
  • Extend the use or reuse disposable N95 filter facepiece respirators.
  • Use filter facepiece respirators that are beyond their recommended service life.
  • Use filter facepiece respirators that have been certified in other countries or jurisdictions
The above options are still in effect, however annual respirator fit testing which could be delayed in 2020 is now required in the same manor that it was pre-pandemic.  For more information regarding fit testing click here.

Additional $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Law Includes Potential Aide for General Aviation Airports, Ag Aviation Businesses and Associations (3/18/21): 
President Biden signed a new $1.9 trillion stimulus package titled The American Rescue Plan Act on March 11. The bill provides $1,400 direct payments to individuals making up to $75,000 annually, $350 billion in aid to state and local governments and $14 billion for vaccine distribution, among other things. Read More

Potential Small Business Aid for Aerial Applicators Extended Under PPP (2/21): Click Here for More Information

Pilots Approved for COVID Vaccines, with a 48-Hour Flight Restriction: Pilots and other holders of FAA-issued Airman Medical Certificates or Medical Clearances may receive either the Moderna or the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.  A 48 hour No Fly/No Safety-Related Duty interval must be observed after each dose. Individuals holding an Airman Medical Certificate are reminded that they are prohibited from performing flight crewmember duties if they do not meet medical certification requirements, including those related to adverse events from medications that render them unable to perform such duties.  Click here for more information. 

All Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) waivers expired December 31, 2020

All FAA medical certificates, flight reviews and other privilege extensions ended January 31, 2021 

Document to download for your staff travel to and, from and for work: Download this sample document (Word) (PDF) that can be printed on your company's letterhead and provided to your employees to sign and carry with them. If they are stopped, this document (Word) (PDFwill inform law enforcement that the individual bearing the docu
ment is an employee of and traveling to or from work in the agricultural—“Essential Critical Infrastructure” sector—which is vital for security, national economic security, national public health, and safety.

Essential Critical Infrastructure Document from CISA: Download Here

COVID-19 Prevention & Management Advice for the Aerial Application Industry‚Äč: Download Here