First Responders Video

NAAA and NAAREF have produced high-quality educational, safety and training videos to further their goals of providing education to the aerial application industry. The videos were produced for viewing at a particular program or safety session. The video below on first response to an agricultural aircraft accident is available to everyone. The remainder of the safety and education videos are available here for NAAA members. These member-only videos cover a wide varitety of topics including dumping a load in an emergency, how to land with a fully loaded aircraft, how to deal with a tragedy at your operation, ethics in the ag aviation industry, stall spin avoidance, wires and obstructions, understanding and dealing with fatigue, and the basics of agricultural spray adjuvants and how the impact aerial applications. 

First Response: Responding to a Pesticide-Related Aircraft Accident: This 22-minute video was produced by NAAREF to aid emergency first responders in the event they are called upon to respond to an ag aircraft accident and possible pesticide spill. Because time is critical for an injured pilot, emergency personnel must quickly protect themselves with the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for the crop protection product onboard. Rapid identification of the product and information provided by the chemical label will ensure the proper PPE is used. The mixed product in the hopper may have been diluted many times from its original state, thereby reducing its hazard.

The following study materials can be downloaded as a PDF:
First Response Study Guide – An explanatory, companion guide to accompany the video.
Harmony® Extra SG Label – An actual chemical label which may be referenced during training.
Harmony® Extra SG MSDS – A chemical MSDS provided for the same purpose.
AmSafe First Responder Guide – A guide for handling undeployed inflatable seat restraints.
CoAAA 2017 First Response Safety Pamphlet  – Reference material to better facilitate better training methods between first responders and aerial applicators. 
Click here to download a high resolution copy of the First Response video.