Kansas AAA 20-21 PAASS Attendees

2020-2021 PAASS Program
October 26, 2021

The NAAA members listed below have attended the designated PAASS Program for 2020-2021. They may be eligible for discounts or special consideration from insurance providers. In addition, CEUs may be offered by state lead agencies toward pesticide certification.

Last Name First Name M.I. Company State
Baker Robert (Bobby) Ray Holzwarth Flying Service LA
Bixenman Ken   Great Plains Spraying Inc. KS
Carthel Doug S Jordan Air Inc. OK
Casper Bow   Casper Aviation NE
Childress Michael   Heinen Brothers Ag KS
Clark Terry Lynn Clark Air KS
Conyers John L Air Care, Inc. CO
Deines Tyler S Ag Solutions LLC KS
English Dexter J Syracuse Flying Service KS
Gross Steve   Gross Flying Service Inc. KS
Hinkle Jason D Hinkle Airspray, Inc. ND
Holzmeister John   A Aviation Services LLC KS
Horsfall Kyle   Ag Solutions LLC KS
Hunt Cory B Jordan Air Inc. KS
Jones Stan   Top Hat Aerial Applicators Inc. NE
Jordan Terry L Jordan Air Inc. KS
Marchadier Herve   Emrich Aerial Spraying LLC NE
Mauck Tate   Hoxie Flying Service KS
Maxwell Austin   Tyree Ag, Inc. KS
Maxwell Spencer C Tyree Ag Inc. KS
McNary Benjamin   A Plus Aviation KS
Payne David P Aircare Inc. CO
Pluhar Darrin   Plu's Flying Service Inc. MT
Rasberry Stetson   AG Solutions LLC KS
Root Shane G Root Spraying Service, Inc. KS
Seewald Jeff   Tony's Aerial Spraying KS
Sollock Avery   Tyree Ag Inc. KS
Stratton Craig   Bringham Flying Service KS
Tinnes Luke   Air Care Inc. CO
Tyree Tim   Tyree Ag Inc. KS
Tyree Trevor   Tyree Ag, Inc KS
Wells Daniel   Air Care, Inc. CO
Wenman Brad   Syracuse Flying Service KS