Kickoff Breakfast

Join us for the NAAA Ag Aviation Expo
November 18–21, 2019 ♦ Orlando, FL
​Rosen Shingle Creek
Note the November date for 2019

Announcing 2019 Kickoff Breakfast Speaker, Sean D. Tucker 
Join us for the 2019 Ag Aviation Expo Kickoff Breakfast on Monday, Nov. 18. We are excited to announce Sean D. Tucker as our Kickoff Breakfast speaker! 

Sean D. Tucker, a native of Eagle Rock, CA, earned his pilot’s certificate at age 17. Sean started his flying career as a crop duster in modified Stearman biplanes and eventually started a crop dusting business in Salinas, CA. During this time, he took an aerobatics course, through which he “found out you could roll an airplane upside down and it wouldn’t fall out of the sky.” 
In 1975, he began competing and quickly earned national recognition and the coveted title of U.S. National Advanced Aerobatics Champion. With over 20,000 hours, more than 1,275 performances and 525 airshows in front of more than 135 million fans, he has won numerous aerobatic competitions and received over 18 prestigious awards, including induction into the National Aviation Hall of Fame. Sean amazes audiences with his high-energy routines, and his original flying style and infectious personality have rocketed him to the top. 
In his performance, he flies his highly modified, one-of-a kind aerobatic dream machine sponsored by Oracle backwards, straight-down and tail-first at more than 100 mph. Its revolutionary set of wings uses eight ailerons instead of four and sports a high-performance tail. Over half of Sean’s maneuvers are original and have never been duplicated by another aerobatic pilot. Sean is also the only pilot to perform a triple ribbon cut where he flies through the ribbons, which are only 25 feet off the ground, at 220 mph in right knife-edge for the first ribbon, then left knife-edge, and finally inverted.
The level of professionalism and discipline in Sean’s airshows is no coincidence. He practices his airshow routine three times every day. To endure the extreme physical demands of each routine, Sean maintains a rigorous physical training schedule, working out more than 340 days per year.
Named as one of the Living Legends of Flight, Sean is a member of an elite group of aviators and astronauts that includes General Jimmy Doolittle, General “Chuck” Yeager and John Glenn.
When asked about flying airshows, Sean responds, “I like to think that I bring the fans’ dreams of flying into the plane with me and there’s nowhere I’d rather be than in the cockpit. That’s why I train so hard to keep a finely tuned edge.”