King Pins for PAASS

NAAA Ag Aviation Expo
December 3–6, 2018 ♦ Reno, NV

Help us raise money for NAAREF and PAASS at King Pins, a fundraiser for the ag aviation industry’s premier educational safety program. This fundraising bowling event will take place on Sunday, Dec. 2 from 6:30 - 9 p.m. at the National Bowling Stadium.

Get creative and have fun!! We’ve heard that some teams may have bowling shirts made and others may dress up in costumes. But the most fun part is that the team with the highest scoring game of the night (all five bowlers scores added together per game), will each receive $100 gift certificates to purchase merchandise at the 2018 NAAA Support Fundraising booth on the Trade Show floor on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Registration open. Registration is required; the donation is $100 per person. Five people per lane. Transportation from the Atlantis to the National Bowling Stadium will be offered and your donation includes shoe rental at the bowling alley. Food and beverages are not included; a bar and concessions will be available for purchase at the bowling alley.
Help us raise funds to continue the highly regarded PAASS Program, working to reduce the number of aviation accidents and drift incidents each year.