Magazine Articles and Grassroots Efforts

NAAA members have taken a number of steps that have led to successful passage of MET tower laws in their states, and/or the building of constructive dialogue with their state legislatures and local tower erectors regarding the hazards MET towers present. Below are a number of articles from past issues of Agricultural Aviation magazine detailing these efforts. 

Consequences Of Wind Development Aren’t Always In Landowners’ Control 
Author: Jay Calleja, NAAA Manager of Communications 

Can Aerial Applicators And Wind Energy Developers Learn To Coexist?
Author: Jay Calleja, NAAA Manager of Communications 

To Spray or Not to Spray? 
Author: Brian Rau, NAAA Past President

Wisconson Applicator Declares Towers Off Limit For Spraying
AuthorJay Calleja, NAAA Manager of Communications

Grassroots Efforts: One Aerial Applicator's Action Plan
AuthorDamon Reabe, Reabe Spraying Service, Waupun, Wis