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NAAA can help you achieve your goals!

When you become an NAAA member, you are making an important investment in yourself and your business. That holds true whether you have worked in the aerial application industry for decades or have a passion for aviation and agriculture and are interested in becoming a professional ag pilot. The payoff far exceeds what you will spend in dues in the form of effective advocacy, national representation, education and safety programs and the personal connections you will make as you participate in association activities.

As the voice of the aerial application industry, NAAA is committed to creating a positive business climate, promoting safety and professionalism, improving the industry’s public image and influencing public policy in a way that is beneficial to aerial application. Here are some concrete examples of how NAAA benefits the industry and you as a member.

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NAAA Works For You in Washington

  • NAAA works closely with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Congress, and state and local agencies to stop unnecessary and overly burdensome regulations.

NAAA Delivers Savings That Improve Your Bottom Line

  • NAAA has prevented costly user fees from being charged to ag aircraft by convincing lawmakers to exempt agricultural aircraft from user fees. 
  • NAAA successfully lobbied Congress to enact legislation providing more than $4 million in annual federal fuel tax relief for U.S. aerial applicators.
  • Agricultural aviators are saving thousands of dollars a year at a minimum as a result of these efforts—savings that are 10 times greater, on average, than your annual national and state association membership dues combined!

NAAA Advocates for Research & Development Funding

  • Since 2002 NAAA has been successful in lobbying the government for an additional $11,312,500 in federal funding for aerial application research to develop and test new aerial application technologies designed to mitigate drift and make applications more efficient and cost-effective.

NAAA Promotes & Protects Ag Aviation’s Reputation

  • NAAA uses a variety of means to foster a positive image and promote the aerial application industry, including outreach to national newspapers, radio and television stations, Congress and federal agencies.
  • NAAA worked behind the scenes for months to help shape a positive piece in The Wall Street Journal. The article, which examined the need for aerial application under the headline, “Flying Low is Flying High as Demand for Crop-Dusters Soars,” appeared on the front page of the Journal.
  • NAAA sent the DVD “Aerial Application’s Growing Role” to operators, ag pilots, ag media, flight schools, policymakers and agricultural organizations across the country to highlight the important role that aerial application performs in agricultural production.

NAAA Keeps Members in the Know

  • NAAA keeps you up to date on the latest issues affecting your profession through Agricultural Aviation magazine, the NAAA eNewsletter and, as well as events like NAAA’s Annual Ag Aviation Expo.

NAAA and NAAREF Improve Safety and Professionalism

  • NAAA, along with its sister organization the National Agricultural Aviation Research & Education Foundation (NAAREF), works to strengthen applicator professionalism through programs like the Professional Aerial Applicators’ Support System (PAASS), which was created to reduce aviation accidents and drift incidents associated with the aerial application of crop protection products.
  • The PAASS Program has been successful in helping reduce both drift and agricultural aviation accidents. Data from two Association of American Pesticide Control Officials (AAPCO) surveys, conducted before and after the beginning of the PAASS Program, found a 25.8% reduction in the number of drift complaints. Agricultural aviation accident rates have decreased from an average of 9.64 incidents to an average of 7.22 incidents per 100,000 ag hours flown since the PAASS Program first hit the stage in 1998. This is a 25.1% reduction in the number of ag aviation accidents since the beginning of PAASS.
  • NAAA membership coupled with participation in PAASS, Compaass Rose and Operation S.A.F.E. Fly-Ins offer ag aviators a way to earn possible CEUs and achieve discounts through their insurance providers. Ag pilots and operators also improve their professionalism by participating in these programs, as well as the Leadership Training Program.

NAAA Offers Legal Services on Federal Transportation Laws to Operator and Pilot Members

The Law Office of John L. Wright, PC, out of Broomfield, Colorado will provide a minimum of a one-hour legal consultation to NAAA operator and/or pilot members on federal aviation laws, including federal aviation taxation issues and federal transportation laws.  

Become an NAAA Member today!
For more information, call (202) 546-5722.

Become an NAAA Member today! For more information, call (202) 546-5722.

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