Mid-States AAC 15-16 PAASS Attendees

2015-2016 PAASS Program
November 5, 2015
Bettendorf, Iowa

The NAAA members listed below have attended the designated PAASS Program for 2015-2016. They may be eligible for discounts or special consideration from insurance providers. In addition, CEUs may be offered by state lead agencies toward pesticide certification. 

Last Name First Name M.I. Company State
 Adams  Stephen    Lindell Aerial Ag Service IL
 Baker  David D  Air Advantage IA
 Bartholomew  Mike    Bart's Flying Service, Inc. IA
 Benoit  Steve    Benoit Aerial Spraying, Inc. IL
 Bock  Roger    Chuck Holzwarth Flying Service IL
 Bontrager  Doug M  Nick's Flying Service IN
 Bradford  Chris    Aerinova Aerial, LLC IL
 Brian  Murray J  Brian Agricultural Aviation IL
 Cady  Leslie    Cady Aerial Spraying LLC IL
 Cady  Neil    Cady Aerial Spraying LLC MO
 Capers  J T    Curless Flying Service Inc. IL
 Cash  Doug    Flying D Works IA
 Cox  Dave    Aerinova Aerial LLC IL
 Cruce  Michael A   IL
 Curless  Joe    Farm Air, Inc. IL
 Darter, Jr.  Lloyd R  L & P Aviation IA
 Eby  Garrett    Agriflite Services Inc. IN
 Frey  Mark S  MF Helicopters, LLC WI
 Gradert  Kameron    Aerial Guidance Solutions IA
 Heaton  Luke C  R & R Flight Service IL
 Irvine  Thomas C  Ritel Copter Service IA
 Jensen  Milt    Curless Flying Service Inc. IL
 Killam  Rodney A  Killam Flying Service LLC. IL
 Klatt  Jeff    MF Helicopters WI
 Landgraf  Alex M  Aerinova Aerial LLC IL
 Leman  Frederick    Earlybird Aerial Services IL
 Lowry  Ronald D  Lowry Flying Service Inc. IA
 Meyer  Joel L  Meyer Agri-Air Inc. IA
 Miller  Knute    Curless Flying Service Inc. IL
 Nelson  Sid    Nelson Air Spray IL
 Nielsen  Ken    United States Aircraft Insurance  Group NY
 Patchett  Lawrence K  Patchett Flying Service IL
 Perrin  James F  Agricair Flying Service Inc. WI
 Reabe  Damon    Reabe Spraying Service Inc. WI
 Reabe  J R    Reabe Spraying Service Inc. WI
 Reabe  Jeffrey    Reabe Spraying Service Inc. WI
 Reed  Rick    Reed's Fly-On Farming IL
 Tuttle  Alex    Lindell Aerial Ag Service TN
 Van Beek  Bruce D  R & M Spraying Service IA
 Van Horne  Robert Eric    Patchett Flying Service IL
 Vander Weide  Randy    R & M Spraying Service IA
 Vander Weide  Rick A  R & M Spraying Service IA
 Vaughn  Mark    Farm Air Inc. IL
 Visser  Glenn A  Tri State Aerial Ltd. IA
 Voggesser  David M   IL
 Welch  John Michael    Lindell Aerial Ag Services IL
 Youakim  Dominique J  Aerinova Aerial, LLC IL
 Younglove  Donald L  R & R Flight Service IL
 Zumwalt  Adam C  Zumwalt Aviation IL