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NAAA Releases Magazine App

Install the new app on your mobile device and experience 24/7 access to Agricultural Aviation

Agricultural Aviation is now available digitally!

NAAA is pleased to announce the launch of the Agricultural Aviation Magazine App. Members will continue to receive a copy of the magazine in the mail, but with the app you’ll be able to read and search for current or past articles whenever and wherever you want, right on your mobile device. You won’t just be getting a replica of the print edition either. The digital-friendly format of NAAA’s magazine app delivers a superior reading experience by adapting to the screen size and orientation of your device.

The app is compatible with all Apple, Google and Amazon mobile devices and can be downloaded from their respective app stores by searching “Agricultural Aviation Magazine.” In addition to the native app for smartphones and tablets, a “web app” is available. Both the native and web apps are free, but the native app delivers a better mobile viewing and reading experience. Another difference is that you will be able to download issues to the native app and read them offline once they are stored on your mobile device. The online digital magazine features more robust sharing capabilities, including the ability to post articles to Facebook and other social networks.

In the web-based version of the digital magazine, the left-hand navigation bar allows you to move quickly to any article or page in the issue. In the Agricultural Aviation Magazine native app, touch the upper right corner of the screen to scroll through the headlines and jump from article to article.

Need to search for a past article? You can do that too. NAAA is archiving six back issues of the magazine from 2014 and 2015 to start with, and the issue archives will grow from there.

In addition, the app library includes a digital version of the NAAA Professional Operating Guidelines. The Professional Operating Guidelines is loaded with suggested methods for performing aerial application activities. Instead of searching for the print copy you placed on a shelf or in a desk drawer, now you’ll be able to fit the Professional Operating Guidelines in the palm of your hands and carry it with you at all times.
Download the Agricultural Aviation Magazine App to start experiencing the magazine in a whole new way. It’s pretty sweet. Best of all, it’s free!
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♦ Customized for all devices and screen sizes
♦ Download and read issues offline
♦ Search for past articles quickly and easily
♦ Email an article to a colleague or customer
♦ Share and post articles to social networking sites (online magazine only)