NAAREF Organization

NAAREF Organizational Structure

The  National Agricultural Aviation Research & Education Foundation (NAAREF) Board of Directors sponsors education and training programs, research projects and symposiums to meet today’s agricultural aviation professional’s continuing educational needs. PAASS, established in 1996, is designed to improve understanding of the ‘human factors’ role in critical Agricultural Aviation Decision-Making skills. The primary PAASS Program goals are to reduce the number of aviation accidents and drift incidents associated with the aerial application of fertilizers and crop protection products.

NAAREF determines PAASS program policy, establishes direction, coordinates activities among committees, appoints all committee members and chairs, develops budgets and recommends fund-raising goals. NAAREF retains primary fiduciary responsibility and is updated on PAASS program progress at each of its board meetings and by periodic correspondence from Committee Chairs and NAAA Staff. NAAREF, formed in 1982 as a non-profit organization funded entirely by donation, is composed of six NAAA Operator Company members; three individuals in any NAAA membership category except NAAA Operator Company members; and the current President of the NAAA. The NAAA Board of Directors appoints NAAREF Board members.

The PAASS Program Development Committee, in accordance with NAAREF policy and direction, sets program priorities, develops and recommends program topics to NAAREF and develops program content; members serve as subject matter experts during contracted program development. The Committee is composed of approximately equal numbers of operators/pilots and government/industry representatives. A Technical Advisory Panel augments the Committee.

The PAASS Capital Campaign Committee is composed of NAAA members appointed by the NAAREF President. The Capital Campaign Committee’s purpose is to ensure the financial viability of the PAASS Program. It does this by developing and pursuing various funding campaigns throughout the life of the program.

PAASS Presenters are the face and voice of the program. These NAAA members attend special training and conduct PAASS presentations at the various state and regional agricultural aviation association conventions; they also serve as subject matter experts during program development.