NAAREF In-Season Safety Meeting Video

NAAREF Safety Meeting, May 31, 2021: At the end of May during the 2021 season, there were already five fatal agaviation accidents. In an attempt to draw attention to these accidents and stress the importance of safety, NAAREF held its first ever in-season safety meeting. The safety meeting was held on Zoom and offered to anyone interested in attending. PAASS presenters Randy Hale, Brian Rau and Rod Thomas joined NAAREF president and fellow PAASS presenter Matt Hovdenes in the safety discussion. They were introduced by NAAA CEO Andrew Moore who explained this was the first ever safety meeting held during the season and was convened with the goal of getting ag aviators to have a safety reset for the season. (30:15)


In addition to the saefty meeting, NAAREF President sent out an email the week prior alerting all ag aviators to the high number of fatalities and the need to prevent accidents.