Northeast AAA 17-18 PAASS Attendees

2017-2018 PAASS Program
January 15, 2018
Dover, Delaware

The NAAA members listed below have attended the designated PAASS Program for 2017-2018. They may be eligible for discounts or special consideration from insurance providers. In addition, CEUs may be offered by state lead agencies toward pesticide certification.
Last Name First Name M.I. Company State
 Andrews  Bruce  Bruce's Flying Service Inc. GA
 Baker  Jacob  Earl's Spray Service MI
 Baker  Josh MI
 Blessing  Garrett  First State Ag Air DE
 Carpenter  Curtis OH
 Carter, Jr.  Edward A  Downstown Aero NJ
 Chorman  Allen  Allen Chorman & Son, Inc. DE
 Chorman  Jeffrey A  Allen Chorman & Son, Inc. DE
 Cockrell  Billy  Air Assault Ag Aviation, LLC. NC
 Crabbe  Carter  Car-An Flying Service VA
 Crabbe  Matt C W  Crabbe Aviation LLC VA
 Dantuma  Daniel M  Al's Aerial Spraying, LLC. MI
 Farwell  Jesse R  Triple F Flying Inc. NY
 Farwell  Joseph  Triple F Flying Inc. PA
 Farwell  Theodore R  Triple F Flying Inc. PA
 Farwell  William B  Triple F Flying Inc. PA
 Farwell, Jr.  Richard D  Triple F Flying Inc. PA
 Feeney  Raymond  North Fork Helicopters Ltd. NY
 Gooden  John  Firststate Ag Air Inc. DE
 Hrupsa  David  Atlantic Ag Aviation, Inc. FL
 Kesselring  Nelson  Allen Chorman & Son DE
 Klatt  Jeff  Fermata Aero WI
 Kritter  Gene  Kritter Cropdusting Inc. VA
 Miller  Benjamin P  Helicopter Applicators Inc. PA
 Montague  David M  Kritter Crop Dusting VA
 Newcomb  Ray  JBI Helicopter Services NH
 Niese  Kent  Al's Aerial Spraying, LLC OH
 Nixholm  Curt  Downstown Aero Crop   Service Inc. NJ
 Racey  Gerald Lee  Helicopter Applicators Inc. VA
 Randolph  Michael Scott  Lockheed Martin NY
 Rossetti  Ross  Plymouth County Mosquito   Control MA
 Schiffer  Albert  Al's Aerial Spraying, LLC MI
 Schiffer  Michael  Al's Aerial Spraying, LLC MI
 Sondgeroth  John  North Fork Helicopters Ltd. NY
 Stambaugh, Jr.  Joseph H  Helicopter Applicators, Inc. MD
 Tallman  John D  Tallman Aerial Spraying PA
 Vaughn  Trennis W  Vaughn's Flying Service, Inc. MI
 Welch  John Michael  Lindell Aerial Ag Services IL
 Whalen  Mark  ShoreAg AirService MD
 Wright  Wayne  Chesapeake Ag Air MD