Newport, AR 4/5/2016 (Dry)

Arkansas AAA Op SAFE Clinic, Newport, AR (Dry)
April 5, 2016
Analyst: Dennis Gardisser
15 Aircraft Calibrated - 15 Calibration Passes

The NAAA members listed below have participated in an Operation S.A.F.E. fly-in for 2015 using the aircraft described. These operators and pilots have demonstrated their desire to make professional aerial applications with maximum efficacy and safety.
Pilot Last First Name Business Name A/C Reg A/C Model ST
 Chandler  Lindsey  Empty Pockets Flying  Service Inc.  519EP  AT 802 AR
 Folden  Jeremy  Folden Aviation Inc.  802FA  AT 802 AR
 Freppon  David  Freppon Flying Service  420JP  AT 402 AR
 Freppon  JP   Freppon Flying Service  602PK  AT 602 AR
 Hill  David  Hill Aviation Inc.  445HA  AT 802D AR
 Pulliam  Chris  Miles Flying Service Inc.  5175V  AT 602 AR
 Stokes  Tracy   Stokes Flying Service  6215P  Thrush  H80 AR
 Wallin  M.  Wallin Agri Aviation  802ZW  AT 802 AR