Oakes, ND 5/17/2016

ND AAA/MN AAA/North Dakota State University Op SAFE, Oakes, ND
May 17, 2016
Analysts: Vern Hofman/Jim Wilson
6 Aircraft Calibrated - 21 Calibration Passes

The NAAA members listed below have participated in an Operation S.A.F.E. fly-in for 2015 using the aircraft described. These operators and pilots have demonstrated their desire to make professional aerial applications with maximum efficacy and safety.
Pilot Last First Name Business Name A/C Reg A/C Model St
 Erickson  Rodney  Wild Rice Air Ag Inc.  3024U  S2R ND
 Farder  Riley  Advantage Ag Air  815FA  AT 502 MN
 McPherson  Travis  Bear Creek Flying  Service  4907X  S2R ND
 Peterson  Aaron  Advantage Ag Air  3072F  AT 502 MN
 Porter  Greg  Porter Aviation LLC  928GP  AT 502 ND