Various Locations, NE, October-December 2016

Various Locations, Nebraska ATA
October-December 2016
Analyst - Alan Corr
5 Aircraft Calibrated - 63 Calibration Passes

The NAAA members listed below have participated in an Operation S.A.F.E. fly-in for 2016 using the aircraft described. These operators and pilots have demonstrated their desire to make professional aerial applications with maximum efficacy and safety.
Pilot Last First Name Business Name A/C Reg A/C Model St
 Boardman  Rick  Boardman Aerial  Spraying  602JW  AT 602 NE
 Cavanaugh  Mike  Cavanaugh Flying  Service  280GA  GA 200 NE
 McFarling  Russell  Hylands Ag Services  6625Q  Ag Cat NE
 Meyers  Luke  Meyers Aerial Service  502KB  AT 502 NE