Various California Locations - April-May 2016

Dow/Valent/Rice Research Board Fly-Ins, Various California Locations
April-May 2016
Analysts: Dick Stoltz/Larry Burrow (trainee)
42 Aircraft Calibrated - 42 Calibration Passes

The NAAA members listed below have participated in an Operation S.A.F.E. fly-in for 2015 using the aircraft described. These operators and pilots have demonstrated their desire to make professional aerial applications with maximum efficacy and safety.
Pilot Last First Name Business Name A/C Reg A/C Model St
 Jones   Alan  Jones Flying Service  6535K  Ag Cat CA
 Jones  Tiger  Jones Flying Service  444SJ  UH-1B CA
 Jones  Chris   Jones Flying Service  6693K  Ag Cat CA
 Martin  Frank  Martin's Dusters, Inc.  9006Q  AT 502A CA
 Martin  Frank  Martin's Dusters, Inc.  22753  Bell 204 CA
 Miller   Jim  Pacific Valley Aviation, Inc.  247PV  Huey CA
 Muir  Gene  Jones Flying Service  8929Q  Thrush CA
 Porter  Wade  P M Dusters  816JT  AT802 CA
 Porter  Wade  P M Dusters  127RA  UH 1B CA
 Richter  Nick  Richter Aviation, Inc.  6671K  G164C CA
 Richter  Rick  Richter Aviation, Inc.  9924C  Ag Cat CA