Pacific Northwest AAA 19-20 PAASS Attendees

2019-2020 PAASS Program
November 4, 2019
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

The NAAA members listed below have attended the designated PAASS Program for 2019-2020. They may be eligible for discounts or special consideration from insurance providers. In addition, CEUs may be offered by state lead agencies toward pesticide certification.
Last Name First Name M.I. Organization State
Boyer John L Gar Aviation Inc. OR
Britton John E Golden Wings ID
Carr Mike R Ruchert Flying Service WA
Cline Ronald A Central Valley Helicopters WA
Cobb Mike L Spray Plains Inc. TX
Conner Jason M Flight Level Zero WA
Cooper John T Ag-Air Inc. ID
Denton Seth A McGuire Air Service WA
Driscoll Jeff   AgriJet, Inc. ID
Eskildsen Chris   B & R Aerial Crop Care WA
Fender Darrell   Fender Air Service, Inc. WA
Fountain Pete   Fountain Flying Service LLC. ID
Fransen Corey R Wilbur-Ellis Company WA
Gossler Dave L A.S.A.P. Flying Service Inc. OR
Grant, Jr Douglas Eugene   ID
Harchenko Terry D Western Helicopter Services, Inc OR
Hubler Bruce F Valley Air LLC ID
Isaacson Leif   Desert Air Ag ID
Jensen Zane Kai   ID
Jensen Chris   Jensen Aviation LLC. ID
Kuther Ken   Kuther Air Service ID
Lewis Robert Eric Desert Air Ag Inc. ID
Leyva Kevin S Greg's Crop Care Co. WA
McCormmach Jesse Orval ASAP Flying Service OR
Morgan Boyd   Quality Spraying Service MT
Morse Erin I GEM Air Inc. WA
Morse Gavin B GEM Air Inc. WA
Murdock Seth A Maco Aviation Inc WA
Nash Robert J N-Flight LLC ID
Owen Marty   Desert Air Ag ID
Parker, III George J Crop Jet Aviation, LLC ID
Passmore Stephen B Passmore Aviation WA
Pesicka Theodore J ASI Aerial Applicators OR
Quigley Randy   Sound Trax Studio ID
Root Anthony W Central Valley Helicopters WA
Shamblin Tim   Aero Applications, Inc. ID
Thomas Dale   Thomas Helicopters Inc. ID
Thomas Rod   Thomas Helicopters Inc. ID
Visser Brandon   Visser Ag Inc. ID
Washburn Paul   Western Helicopter Services, Inc OR
Wilson Thomas R Desert Air Ag ID