Rick Boardman

Rick Boardman is the owner/operator of R&M Flying Service in Henderson, Nebraska. With his father as his mentor he started making applications by air in 1984, and six years later he and his brother purchased the business. In 2010, Boardman sold the company to a local co-op and managed that business for 8 years and is now operating his own business. He is now running a 602 Air Tractor and with the help of friends they treat mostly corn, soybeans, pastures and seed corn.

Boardman has served on the Nebraska Aviation Trade Association’s board for 15 years, cumulatively. He joined NAAA’s Board of Directors as Nebraska’s state representative in 2009 and served as NAAA’s vice president in 2013. He chaired NAAA’s insurance committee in 2014 and was selected the same year to serve on NAAREF’s board of directors. Boardman was elected NAAA president in 2015.

Boardman was selected to become a PAASS Presenter in 2015. He has embraced his role as a presenter and feels that he brings a unique perspective to the job. “I can understand all ends of the spectrum from the small guy to the larger operators and some of the struggles they go through,” he said. “You’re going to learn a lot of things the hard way and you’re going to work hard, but it’s a very gratifying occupation.”