NAAA's Free* Tower Safety Stuffers

Tower Safety Campaign Offers Tools to Inform Stakeholders of Risks to Ag Pilots & Farmers

The prospect of converting high winds into big dollars is an enticing proposition for landowners, but one that can have far-reaching consequences for farmers and aerial applicators without careful planning. To ensure that farmers are fully informed before making decisions about wind energy development, NAAA encourages members to participate in our Wind Tower Safety Education Campaign. NAAA launched the campaign in 2010 to raise awareness about the worrisome effects of wind energy development on agriculture and aviation. That message is articulated in a series of wind tower ad slicks and radio scripts—and in NAAA’s wind tower safety stuffers.

NAAA’s Tower Statement Stuffers are an easy way to spread the word about the unintended but very real risks of wind energy development to ag pilots and farmers.

Designed to fit into a No. 10 envelope, simply slip a wind tower insert in along with the invoices you normally send to your aerial application customers. The double-sided safety stuffers are printed on glossy, four-color paper, and available in packets of 100. Best of all, they are 100% free to NAAA Operator Members while supplies last.

Let’s Be Fair About Sharing The Air

Over the past 13 years there have been 11 fatalities involving collisions with towers, including, most recently, in August 2013 when an ag pilot in Oklahoma lost his life in a collision with a MET. It’s up to everybody—NAAA, its state association partners and aerial applicators—to educate the public about the consequences that ill-planned wind energy development can have on agricultural and aviation.

To order your Tower Safety Stuffers, contact NAAA at (202) 546-5722 or When emailing, please put “NAAA Tower Safety Stuffers” in the subject line, indicate the number of packs desired and provide a mailing address for shipping purposes.
Order Your Free* Wind Tower Safety Stuffers!
•  Packs of 100 are FREE to NAAA Operator Members; $25 per pack for Non-Members.
• Offer good while supplies last.

• Order as many packets as you can reasonably use; however, additional postage may apply for large orders.
• For more information, call (202) 546-5722 or email NAAA with “Tower Safety Stuffers” in the subject line.
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