NAAA, NAAREF and Syngenta Collaborate on Stewardship Brochure

NAAA and NAAREF have partnered with Syngenta on an Aerial Applicator Edition of the “50 Ways to Treat Your Pesticide” brochure. The brochure covers basic pesticide stewardship principles important to aerial applicators and is not specific to any geography, target site or product.

NAAA previously distributed the brochure as an enclosure with Agricultural Aviation magazine to all NAAA members and non-member aerial applicators on the magazine’s mailing list. The brochure will also be distributed to all attendees of NAAREF’s Professional Aerial Applicators’ Support System (PAASS) safety and educational programs. Other aerial applicator educators can order quantities of the brochure from Syngenta by contacting Carol Somody at The PDF version of the brochure can be downloaded from the NAAA, Syngenta and Pesticide Environmental Stewardship (PES) websites.

The pesticide stewardship brochure is simply the latest in a string of valuable resources NAAA has developed or collaborated on and provided to members in recent months. Others include the Aerial Applicator’s Manual: A National Pesticide Applicator Certification Study Guide, NAAA’s Wind Tower Statement Stuffers—available in packs of 100 and free to operators—the 2014 NAAA Membership Directory the new pilot-rescue training DVD from NAAREF. For more information on any of these products contact NAAA at (202) 546-5722 or