Texas AAA 15-16 PAASS Attendees

2015-2016 PAASS Attendees
January 8, 2016
Ft Worth, TX

The NAAA members listed below have attended the designated PAASS Program for 2015-2016. They may be eligible for discounts or special consideration from insurance providers. In addition, CEUs may be offered by state lead agencies toward pesticide certification.
Last Name First Name M.I. Company State
 Asbill  J Todd  Reynolds Aviation TX
 Barker  Dan  Barker Farm Services, Inc. TX
 Bills  Curt    B.W. Aerial TX
 Boedeker  Luke  Boedeker Flying Service, Inc. TX
 Booth  Frank  Fidelity Aviation TX
 Brown  Elton D  Wilbur-Ellis Company TX
 Bruton  Paul  TradeWind Ag Service TX
 Christian  David A  Garrett Flying Service Inc. TX
 Colvin  Brent A  Air Tractor, Inc. TX
 Cottingham  Ryan J  Petty Flying Service TX
 Crowell  Tim A  Thomas Flying Service LLC TX
 Daniel  Bryan  Boedecker Flying Service TX
 Davis  Blake TX
 Davis  Jason F  S & D Spraying Service, Inc. TX
 Evanson  Mark Anthony  Evanson Aero TX
 Fitch  Blake  Fitch Flying Service TX
 Fitch  Matt  Fitch's Flying Service TX
 Freeman  Steve  Sun Valley Dusting TX
 Fulton  Ricky  Chanay Aircraft Service, Inc. OK
 Garrett  Bob  Garrett Flying Service Inc. TX
 Garrett  Will  Garrett Flying Service Inc. TX
 George  David  M & D Aerial, LLC. TX
 Goff  Thad T  Northern Air & Ag TX
 Hale  Randy L  Hale Dusting Service Inc. TX
 Hedlof  Jerry R TX
 Hernandez  Richard  Shores Ag Air LA
 Hicks  Lowell  Double L Flying Service TX
 Howze  Scott  Shores Ag Air TX
 Hunt  Brackston C  Wilbur-Ellis Company TX
 Jennings  Rick  Benger Aero Spraying, Inc. TX
 Kelley, Jr.  John Wesley  Kelley's Flying Service, LLC. TX
 Kornegay  Clyde C  Sun Valley Dusting Co. TX
 Kornegay  Pat  Sun Valley Dusting Company TX
 Kramr  David J  Double L Flying Service TX
 Kubal  Dan  Kubal's Aerial Spraying, Inc. IA
 Kubecka  Donald  Ag Aero TX
 Lane  Grant E  Lane Aviation, Inc. TX
 Lane  Mark  Lane Aviation Inc. TX
 Lauderdale  Brad W  Lauderdale Aerial Spraying, LLC. TX
 Lauderdale  Kenneth W.  Lauderdale Aerial Spraying, LLC. TX
 Leger, Jr.  Jeffery W  Twin County Air Ag, Inc. TX
 Leger, Sr.  Jeffery S  Twin County Air-Ag Inc. TX
 Lindeman  Rusty L  Rusty's Flying Service TX
 Martin  Joel Eston  Twin County  Air-Ag Inc. TX
 Mitchell  Andy D  M & M Air Service TX
 Morris  Christopher  Patton Custom Fertilizer TX
 Morrison  Lynn  Mac Flying Services Inc. TX
 Murphree  Cody Brent  Mattern Spray Service TX
 Probasco  Mitch  Probasco Flying Service TX
 Ripley  Donald W  L & W Flying Service Inc TX
 Ripley  Doug E  Lauderdale Aerial Spraying LLC TX
 Roye  Bart L  Beta Ag, Inc. TX
 Schertz  Brian  Schertz Aerial Service, Inc. IL
 Schertz  Scott  Schertz Aerial Service Inc. IL
 Shanks Jr  Eugene E  Farm & Ranch Aerial Service  Inc. TX
 Shell  Michael D  Daniel Flying Service TX
 Shores  Ed  Shores Ag-Air Inc. TX
 Simpson  Don  Brazos Valley Flying Service TX
 Skalitsky  Larry  Rio Grande Aviation TX
 Stamps  Gaylon W  Stamps Spraying Service, Inc. TX
 Tate  Tobin D  Central Plains Spraying Inc. NM
 Thompson  Michael L  ANF Air Service Inc TX
 Thornton  Alan  Independent Dusting Service Inc. TX
 Venable  Seth K TX
 Voss  Heath  Fly Hanger 13 TX
 Waldrip  Clay R  Bailey Flying Service TX
 Whatley  Richard  Whatley Flying Service TX
 Whitten  Brett  Whitten Flying Service TX
 Williams  Robert  Twin County Air Ag, Inc. TX
 Wooten  Dudley  B & W Aerial Spray Inc. TX
 Wooten  Jason    B & W Aerial Spray Inc. TX
 Wright  Austen  Boedecker Flying Service TX